Fire department gets by with a little help

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck

Williston Fire Department has again stepped up to the plate to help a neighbor out.
Last Tuesday night, under the terms of a one-year interlocal agreement whenever Cedar Key is lacking someone to cover its fire station, Williston Fire Department will help fill the void.
Williston Fire Chief Lamar Stegall told the city council that like neighboring Bronson, Cedar Key also needs some support and he has the manpower to help.
Jimmy Willis Jr. will be notified when someone is needed in Cedar Key, Stegall said and he will place someone at the Cedar Key station.
Stegall said most scheduling will be  done with several days, maybe weeks, notice.
In exchange, the city of Cedar Key will pay the city of Williston $12 per hour for the firefighter on duty, and in turn Williston will pay the  firefighter.
The $12 hourly rate, Stegall said, will pay not only the hourly rate for the firefighter but also FICA and other expenses.
Each firefighter will drive his own vehicle to the island and the city of Williston will not be responsible for reimbursed mileage, he said.
“I’ve known Chief Robinson forever,” Stegall said after the meeting. “He’s a good man and we’re glad to help out.”
He assured Williston council that loaning his firefighters will in no way impact the city’s coverage.
“It’s always Williston first,” he said.