Feigin challenges Bembry for District 10 House Seat

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Candidate Announcement

Republican Dave Feigin of Cedar Key began a campaign for House of Representatives, District 10, facing off against incumbent Leonard Bembry, a Democrat.
Feigin said his everyday work experiences keep him more in touch with the working population than his opponent has been for the past two years. Feigin is a 24-year retired veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, who owns a thriving small business with his wife, Cris, in Cedar Key. Before leaving the service, he attained a rank of E6, and had authority over eight USCG stations and two USCG Auxiliary Stations.
Feigin was inspired to seek the house seat after his heavy involvement in updating the Levy County Coastal Protection Plan, and during the recent oil spill protection and mitigation meetings. While following the emergency planning process, he had the chance to closely watch what he perceived as inaction of the current administration. Feigin says, “I believe that I can offer solutions to some of the issues we in this district are faced with today as a result of lack of leadership.”
The Feigins partnered their business with Cedar Key School by creating and implementing fundraising programs, because he believes that our schools need more money than they receive in public funding. Their “Pizza Bucks” program has been a successful source of additional monies for the local school.
When elected, some of Feigin?s immediate priorities include:
Education — Working to save jeopardized school programs, and re-working budget cuts that have forced more money out of parents? pockets.
Economics — Supporting and creating urgently needed tax cuts at the local, state and federal levels, and spearheading new industry within the district to create jobs and increase money-infused tourism.
Environment — Implementing stringent coastal protection plans, and strongly representing our “watermen” in the face of environmental issues such as the recent BP gulf oil spill.
Enforcement — Cracking down on the illegal drug trade, illegal immigration, and increasing doctor accountability to patients.
Feigin is a member of the Retired Enlisted Association, AMVETS, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce and the Cedar Key Aquaculture Association.
He can be contacted at Dave Feigin for State Representative, District 10, P.O. Box 636, Cedar Key, FL 32625, or at daveforflorida.org or via email at davefeigin@yahoo.com or by calling 352-328-8196.