Extremely unfortunate and uncomfortable

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The TNR program in Cedar Key has been the subject of several letters, especially Dec. 1 in the Beacon, and if you are a Facebook fan, in many posts.

It seems the general consensus of these letters and posts has been that the TNR program in Cedar Key is under attack, by inconsiderate neighbors whose aim is the elimination of the program and hurting the Bauers.

This could not be further from the truth.  

Neighbors on either side have been subjected to the noxious odors emanating from the facility, and all neighbors most certainly did contact the Bauers before filing a complaint. There has been no bullying, as was suggested, and we do have the backbone to stand up for our rights.

The TNR program is Trap, Neuter and RELEASE.  Caging approximately 75 cats has nothing to do with TNR.  Indeed, it seems more like Trap, Neuter and Keep or Trap, Neuter and Hoard.

Cedar Key has a feral cat problem, and a properly run TNR program can be, and has been, one of the means to deal with this. However, it cannot be done in violation of the law, and of neighbors' rights to be free of the noxious odors and flies which are present.

Cedar Key has an excellent, well-run sewage collection system and treatment facility, and no private septic systems are allowed. One of the important reasons for this is to protect our clam industry. The effluent from currently about 75 cats is being dumped daily into what in effect is an unregulated private septic system, along with whatever chemicals are used in a failed attempt to control the odor.

And what makes us think it would stop at 75 cats, when the news recently covered a situation in excess of 700 cats not far away?

Would you want this next to your house?

Would the Bauers want it next to the Faraway Inn? And if it were moved to the Inn site, what would the neighbors and guests have to say?

When asked this question, Mr. Bauer would not give an answer, but spoke of construction noise in that area having bothered him.  It is not the same, and it would insult your intelligence to explain.

There are rules and laws governing the conduct of our affairs, and these  need to be followed for the good of all, not ignored so that the neighbors can suffer conditions which Bob Levesque, representing the Levy County Dog and Cat Rescue Group, called “extremely unfortunate and uncomfortable” in his letter to the editor.

We believe the Bauers are in violation of the deed covenant prohibiting animal enterprises, and most certainly they are causing a noxious odor, amongst other things.

It is not right or fair or acceptable for the neighbors to be placed in this situation which affects our quality of life and the value of our property and our health.

Neither is it right for some of the talk and Facebook posts attacking the neighbors, even including offers to “hurt someone,” to occur.

We are not against TNR, we are against the location in an area where it should not be.

Please give some thought to what you would do if placed in the situation in which we find ourselves.

Concerned neighbors,

Nolen Freeman

Robert and Linda Geers

Ada and Greg Lang