Economic growth for Levy County

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 To the Levy County Commission:

Southern Levy County has been targeted by various industries and the potential for growth in this part of the County may become a reality. There are also several other  things just several miles south of the border in Citrus County that may bring opportunity  for jobs and an increased tax base for Levy County.

You may wonder what I am talking about, well let us start at transportation, to the South in Citrus County their Property Appraiser and County Commissioners as well as the City of Crystal River are actively pursuing getting the Suncoast Parkway extension back on the table.  This extension as proposed would end at Red Level. I believe our Commissioners should get involved in getting the extension to end further north in Levy County near where Progress Energy proposed nuclear plant or even possibly State Rd 121. It is a known fact that good transportation systems such as this enable opportunity. Without proper transportation systems in Levy County we will have difficulty attracting industry. Commissioners  please get on board with this and get involved.

The second opportunity is the proposed Port on the Cross Florida Barge Canal. While this in my opinion may be an unrealistic dream, the County should make it a point to get involved by reaching out and contacting their fellow Commissioners in Citrus County to have a citizen or elected official to be involved with the new Citrus County Port Authority. Even if membership were to be denied our County Commissioners should see to it that we have a representative attending all meetings so that if this becomes reality Levy County will be involved and ready to grasp any opportunity it may bring to Levy County.

You can imagine that if the Port were to become a reality the need for warehousing space, support industries for the shipping industry, retail businesses and a expanded highway system and most likely rail system would be needed.  

Involvement by the County also protects the County in making sure that the industries we may get fit well into maintaining our quality of life and minimizes any negative effect it could have on the county. 

It also allows the County time to plan and prepare to reach out to business and industries that may want to relocate to Levy County . 

Levy County has a chance to be a part of this, to not be involved in any manner by the County could be a huge mistake, therefore I ask the Commissioners to get actively involved, learn more about what opportunities may exist for the County and at the same time make sure that the County does not lose out on any meaningful opportunity for its citizens by sitting back and doing nothing.

Jack Schofield