DOT prioritizing county road projects

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By Claude Lewis

BRONSON - Jordan Green out of the Florida Department of Transportation office in Lake City made his annual visit to the Levy County Commissioners to talk about upcoming road projects.

"We're soliciting work order priorities," said Green, whose office coordinates work in 11 counties.

The biggest county road project in the DOT's tentative five-year plan is the bridge replacement spanning the Waccasassa River on CR 339.

Commissioner Lily Rooks, District 4, suggested that two bridges on Cedar Key seem to need immediate attention.

Sammy Yearty, District 3, said he couldn't imagine any bridges in worse condition.

Green said it's all up to "bridge ratings" that are determined from inspections.

"They could move up on the list," Green said.

Crumbling railings also scar the bridges.

Rooks hoped at least those could be repaired.

"It won't cost a dime to ask," Green said. Other county road priorities include modifying the intersections at CR 316/SE 12th Avenue and CR 323/NE 200 Avenue; and widening and resurfacing existing lanes at CR 32 from SR 500 to SR 24 and CR 207 from CR 341 to SE 55/US 19.

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Dave Bibby, who is running for District 1 County Commissioner, was at Tuesday's meeting and inquired if the board members would supoort including a yes/no question on this year's ballot concerning changing commissioner elections from the current at-large status to single member.

For example, only those living in District 1 would be able to vote for District 1 candidates.

As it sits now, voters can decide on all 5 district candidates.

The four commissioners - minus Nancy Bell, who was absent - thought the current system was best and gave Bibby's idea the boot.

Others who spoke also fully agreed with the commissioners, stating the current method is the best way to represent.