Dock Master talks to boaters about Clean Marina

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By Kellie Parkin

“We want to keep our Clean Marina flag,” said Chuck Asbury, Cedar Key’s Dock Master. “We’re the only DEP certified Clean Marina in the entire Big Bend Area.”

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Clean Marina program addresses issues concerning emergencies, boat cleaning, storm water, waste water, hazardous waste, as well as habitats and species.

Asbury spent last Saturday handing out important information and useful items to boaters to help spread the word about clean and safe boating.

Among the first-aid kits, whistles, and oil-soaker socks, perhaps the most important thing the Dock Master handed out was a simple sheet of paper. “I encourage everyone to fill out a float plan,” he said. “Always leave one with a family member or friend and put one on the dashboard of your car.” Float plans are critical for emergency responders to know where to begin and what to search for in case you don’t return when scheduled, he said.