Despite the rain, the redfish are still biting

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By Danny Allen

Hey everyone, hope all is well in the Key. Rain, rain, rain. That’s the big topic of discussion as of the last month or so. I know that too much rain is possible. And, well, I don’t think we are actually to that point but I’m pretty sure that as far as our saltwater health aspect goes, we aren’t far from too much.


The farmers, well, they have had lots of prayers answered this year. All those rain dance parties paid off.

I haven’t noticed a major change in the fishing because of all the freshwater. The only issue is the visual aspect. Visibility is around a foot deep most of the time. The problem that causes is seeing the edges of points and edges of grass flats. But what I am missing the most is watching our redfish lift off the bottom when you set the hook and he comes to the top rolling and pulling with all he has to go back to the bottom.

This week I had a fellow Floridian father and his ten-year-old son. We got our bait all bunched up and headed to our first spot. We got our baits out and Mike, the father, hooked and landed a 27.5-inch redfish.

Everyone was hootin and hollering then the weirdest of weird happened - we fished and fished and fished for two-and-a-half hours with no bites. Then, as I was scratching my head, I thought of a spot I haven’t hit in a month or so. We pulled in, set up shop and wrecked house - hooking and boating over 30 redfish. Well, let’s just say the hootin and hollering was kinda crazy. I had a ten year old with sore hands from fighting big redfish. It was the best of the best for a captain. Big smiles to say the least.

Well, thats all I have this short week, I was out on family vacation, so not much to brag about. Keep it salty and give us a call if big redfish are up your alley.