A deal is a deal

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FFA winners get their day on the water

By Capt. Dennis Voyles

Back in mid-winter, when the FFA Aquaculture team was beginning to practice for the state contest, the team asked me, “If we win the state, will you take us charter fishing?”

Naturally, I said, “Yes! Its a deal!”

As we all know the team did its part by sweeping the contest and earning, not only, first in the state but also landing the high individual,second and third individual scores in the state.

So, on Tuesday, June 7,  I kept my end of the deal. 

After semester exams were over, we loaded into “Reel Therapy” and headed out onto the flats. I took off my “teacher hat” and put on my “Captain V hat.” 

We fished an hour for trout and a couple hours for sharks, before a thunderstorm chased us to shore. We landed seven keeper trout (and a pile of shorts), two big spanish mackerel, a handful of ladyfish, one lizardfish, two black sea bass and a couple dozen sharks. The two biggest sharks were a five foot blacktip and a five foot Lemon shark. The rest were mostly Atlantic sharpnose sharks. Hmmm...sharks catching sharks...pretty cool.

What I found most interesting, was what this team talked about: “There is some ulva lettuce” … “Black sea bass change from a female to a male, at six years of age.” ... “The lizardfish doesn’t have a swim bladder” ... “At 93 degrees, the dissolved oxygen level gets really low” ... etc.

I was proud and amazed at the information that the team had retained. 

But, once the bite got going, the chatter quickly switched to whose trout/mackerel/shark was bigger.

It was a great trip for me and, of course, a deal is a deal.