Dead manatee found on Atsena Otie

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By Michelle Pearson

A recently deceased sub to young adult manatee was found on the Atsena Otie beach Thursday, by Laura O'Dell and the crew of a Tidewater Tours boat.

The tour company reported the finding to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

No obvious signs of trauma were seen at the time it was first found, except for signs of prior bleeding from the nose.

 The FWC sent an officer out to the scene quickly, but weather, tide, and boat problems caused difficulty with its recovery.

The manatee was finally able to be lifted out of the water by FWC at about 1 p.m. Friday, with the aid of a specialized container/trailer in which the manatee will be taken to St Petersburg for an autopsy. The autopsy will be performed at the Marine Mammal Pathobiology Laboratory, according to Anna Panike.

The Wildlife Alert Hotline number to call for such cases is 888-404-3922.

For further information in what to do in such situations, consult MyFWC.com online.