A couple of tips when scalloping

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By Danny Allen

Hey everyone, I hope all is good and bellies are full. I say that cause mine is. I loaded up the family last week and went scalloping to our south a lil’ ways. We got all we wanted and my knee is feeling it from swimming so much.
Here’s my best helper hint: go with last part of falling tide to low tide. Especially if you have a weak knee. When it becomes work is when you can no longer touch bottom and have to swim against the current back to the boat. Oh, and dont be cheap like me and not replace your flippers that become lost. That about wraps up scalloping 101. Oh, but they were sooo good.
The fishing here in town is again being best described as stable. Nothing really getting better and on a good note not getting worse.
But it’s a good stable limit of redfish and trout from our flats are reachable in a full day fishing. Halfdays you kind of pick your favorite and go all in. The offshore world is doing well - limits most all trips and some reports are close in around 40-feet with others going deeper for bigger fish but not because they have to for their limits.
Things are about to change as our redfishing should be getting better as we enter August and push through it. Our spawning schools haven’t showed yet and boy am I ready.
Thats all we have this week. Stay salty.