County Commission ponies up $600,000 for Big Dock

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By Jeff M. Hardison

BRONSON - County Commissioners unanimously agreed Nov. 6 to encumber $646,573 due to a shortfall from the projected $3.2 million Federal Emergency Management Agency funding for the Big Dock project in Cedar Key.

County Commissioner Lilly Rooks said there is a strong potential for FEMA to accept the added cost, as long as the county documents the expense is justified. Some people are unhappy about the dock being raised five feet above its current level, she said.

Commission Chairman Sammy Yearty noted the fiscal year is only slightly more than 30 days old, and yet the commission must pull money from the contingency for this and some other expensive items.

In another Cedar Key related issue, the County Commission approved a payment of $41,401 to Earth Tech for its work in relation to the realignment of Levy County Road 470 to allow the county-owned airport to continue operating by meeting safety requirements of the Florida Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration.