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Trash Do’s & Don't's

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words… so, I’ll try to keep this short (and sweet!).

If you’ve looked around town on Monday mornings before Waste Pro has had a chance to make their rounds there are some amazing sites to see. As reported last month, nearly 75% of occupied households are actively participating in the new trash/recycling program and we have already seen decline in the monthly tonnage of trash hauled off the island….. but, we’ve still got a ways to go.

With the holidays coming up, don’t forget that if your trash needs exceed the size of you container (even when you have recycled everything you can), special bags are available at The Market (5 bags for $10). Waste Pro will only pick up trash that is in your approved container or in these special trash bags.

The Dont’s:

 • Over filled trash container – REMEMBER, Waste Pro will not pick up your trash if the lid is open more than 4 inches

 • Recyclables stuffed in the trash (paper, paper box, aluminum can and bottles all sitting right on top) – REMEMBER there is no limit in the amount that you can recycle (and no additional cost ). Recyclables include rigid plastic, glass bottles (all colors), aluminum and tin cans, paper and corrugated cardboard (which should be separated and kept dry).  

The Do's:

• Trash container lid closed fully

• Two recycling boxes and one additional recycling can (nicely labeled with a “recycle” sticker) filled with recyclable material

• Corrugated cardboard flattened separated from other recyclables. 

• Free RECYCLE stickers are available at the Cedar Key Welcome Center on 2nd St next to the Library

This column is a project of CK's Energy Advisory Panel, which welcomes first-person accounts of how individuals are conserving (or, even, aspiring to conserve) our community's natural resources. Your submission may be made via email to eileenlbowers@yahoo.com. Please include your full name and your phone number.