Conservation Corner - Deverin’s report

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Promoting Energy Awareness, Conservation and Sustainability

By The Staff

The Deverin’s report to Conservation Corner:

By now, most folks know why we should recycle: good stewardship, finite resources, reduced energy use, less dependence on petroleum products, all the environmental issues, etc. Those are all good reasons to recycle, BUT recycling comes down to a personal decision, a household decision, a business decision to make a concerted effort to recycle.

When you make the decision to recycle, you have to do something different with the waste that you produce in your household or in your business. The key word is “different.” It means change in your daily routine and in your energy awareness. People often resist change, but once change is implemented they find that the change was not only painless but beneficial.

In our household, which is comprised of two adults, we decided to get serious about recycling and we took it as a challenge. We hope that you will, also. Recycling in Cedar Key has become much easier now that we can mix glass, metals, papers, and plastics 1-7 in one container. And, it’s much more convenient now that the Recycling Center has moved to the corner of State Road 24 and 3rd Street, just across from the Market. Once or twice a week, we include the Recycling Center in our journey into town. At home, we put our items for recycling in a plastic bag in the bottom of our kitchen pantry because, for us, it fits well there and it’s convenient to use. You will have to decide what works best for you.

We were surprised at what happened once we committed to recycling. Our household’s trash has dropped from four or five bags of trash per week to one bag maximum per week – all because of two changes: in attitude and in routine!

We encourage everyone, households and businesses, to start recycling if you aren’t recycling already. Our viewpoint is that you are responsible for the waste that you create. It doesn’t make any sense to put all our waste in a landfill over 100 miles away, when approximately 70% of that waste can be recycled. One person recycling is good. A whole island recycling could be fantastic – and do-able. Another benefit is that in our small way we are helping to make a difference. It feels good to be part of the solution. To quote Gandhi, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Besides recycling our glass, plastic, metal, and paper products, we have also begun to separate our food waste from our trash so that we can start composting. In an upcoming column in Conservation Corner, we will explain some simple ways to compost. Until then, we encourage you to make that change and start recycling.