Conservation Corner - April 02

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Promoting Energy Awareness, Conservation and Sustainability

By The Staff

 OK Cedar Key – Let’s take the challenge! 

As you read last week in the Beacon’s lead article, the residents and visitors of Cedar Key “produced” 60 tons of garbage in the month of February, all of which had to be trucked over 110 miles to be dumped in a landfill at our expense. In contrast, we put only 3 tons of material in the recycling trailer, which is free!  Since we know that up to 72 percent of what is dumped in landfills is recyclable… why don’t we see if we can turn these numbers around and not only help our environment but also our wallets when it comes time to renegotiate our contract with Waste Pro?

Levy County Waste and Recycling has agreed to report monthly tonnage of waste and recycling as part of the CK Energy Advisory Panel’s recycling initiative. We will share these numbers with you monthly.

The trailers have been painted, labeled and moved, the lot has been cleared, and the time has come for us to take the challenge. Over the past four weeks we have emphasized the first two steps in the conservation triangle – REDUCE and REUSE.  These two steps are absolutely essential in making a difference, but now we will focus on the third step: RECYCLING.


What can be recycled in Cedar Key?

The following materials can be recycled and do not have to be separated:

Rigid Plastics 1-7 (marked on bottom). Rinse and remove lids, both can be recycled.  No Styrofoam.

Paper products – magazines, catalogs, newspaper, telephone books, brown paper bags, computer and office paper, junk mail, cereal boxes.  No waxed cardboard.

Aluminum – soda & beer cans, clean foil (including pie pans, roasters)

Metal – soup/fruit/vegetable/juice & pet food cans. Please rinse, but paper does not need to be removed.

Aerosol cans (empty) remove lids.

Glass bottles – all colors

Please flatten and separate: corrugated cardboard

Where to put your recycling: Cedar Key Recycling Center. Located on the corner of Hwy 24 and 3rd Street across from the Cedar Key Market.