Conservation Corner

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When you’re strolling the Seafood Festival this weekend
don’t be surprised if you’re approached by one of “The
Recyclables”, a recycled costume creation by local artist and
Energy Advisory Panel member, Connie Nelson. “The
Recyclables” in conjunction with the Cedar Key School are
again working towards the goal of asking as many American
citizens as possible to renew for the coming year their personal
commitment to protect the environment by signing a
card that includes their pledge to:
Lead by example in your neighborhood by recycling
Increase your recycling efforts at home, school and work
Participate in some other recycling-related effort
Find out what materials can and cannot by recycled in
your community
Tell five friends that recycling is the easiest thing that
they can do to slow global warming
In addition to Seafood Festival, “The Recyclables” will
also make an appearance at the Cedar Key School Fall
Festival on Thursday, November 4th. The culmination of
the recycling pledge card contest will be on November 15,
America Recycles Day when the Cedar Key School staff and
students assemble to pledge as a school and individuals to
make a difference in their recycling efforts.
All recycling pledge cards collected at the above events
will be submitted to the Florida DEP for this state-wide contest
which awards the three schools with the greatest # of
pledges per student, a desk-top computer and a free registra-
“The Recyclables” Kick-off Recycling Pledge
Card Contest at Seafood Festival
tion for the school’s environmental leader to attend the annual
“Recycle Florida Today” conference. Each individual
who fills out a pledge card will be entered into a statewide
drawing for $100 gift cards donated by Publix and Recycle
Florida Today.
The average American creates over a ton of trash per
year, over half of which could be recycled and most often is
wasted instead. Our national recycling rate has stagnated at
27% since 1997. Florida’s Energy, Climate Change and
Economic Security Act of 2008 established a statewide recycling
goal of 75% to be reached by 2020.
Help “The Recyclables” and our students spread the word
about recycling to ensure the success of our community’s
new curbside recycling program and to help our state meet
their 2020 goal. Winning a $100 gift card with your recycling
pledge is a nice bonus to the reward of knowing that
you will make a difference. After all, that’s what a pledge is
all about.
Submitted by Eileen Bowers
This column is a project of CK's Energy Advisory Panel, which welcomes first-person accounts of how individuals are conserving (or, even, aspiring to conserve) our community's natural resources. Your submission may be made via email eileenlbowers@yahoo.com. Please include your full name and your phone number.