Conservation Corner

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Promoting Energy Awareness, Conservation and Sustainability

By The Staff

Why bother to Recycle?

Recycling paper and containers of all sorts won't put money in your pocket – at least in a direct way. So why bother to do it? There can be many reasons to recycle, but the single most significant one is it's the right thing to do. Choosing to recycle is one of those decisions where personal responsibility and idealism merge. Every time we recycle we save energy, make our environment cleaner, save a tree, make our air cleaner, conserve natural resources and/or stop global warming. Here are some examples of how simple recycling efforts can make a big difference when we work together.

Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to operate a computer for 3 hours, a TV for 2 hrs and light a 100 watt bulb 20 hrs.

Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild our entire commercial fleet of airplanes every 3 months.

Using recycled aluminum to make cans requires 96% less energy than producing aluminum from bauxite.

And what about recycling your Sunday Paper?

It takes more than ½ million trees to produce the newspapers Americans read each Sunday morning.

Production of recycled paper uses 80% less water, 65% less energy and produces 95% less air pollution than virgin paper production.

Recycling all Sunday newspapers would keep 26 million trees from being cut down.

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