Commissioner Lilly Rooks announces candidacy for District 4

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 Lilly Rooks will be the first to tell you that she welcomes the challenges she faces every day serving as the “Voice” for the people of Levy County.  Her job as a County Commissioner involve long hours, frequent telephone calls, and many meetings.

Rooks makes herself available to the people.  She appreciates your phone calls, your ideas, and your opinions.  Rooks is grateful for the warm reception she has received as you have welcomed her into your homes.  Your input has guided her in making the right decisions for our county.

Rooks and her family are longtime residents of Levy County, she has a personal vested interest in the quality of life enjoyed by its residents.  Her track record shows that she tirelessly works for ways to provide needed County services without increasing costs and continually strives to establish the fiscal stability of the County’s finances.

Rooks has earned the reputation of being the “get ‘er done” commissioner, by applying a combination of reason and commitment.  Her knowledge and understanding of government has provided her with the resources to assist Levy County residents with the issues that concern them most.

Rooks stepped forward to face the Gulf Oil Spill disaster.  She got the attention of the state and federal agencies when she announced she wanted protections for 52 miles of Levy County’s coastline.  She aggressively pursued this endeavor.  Since April 20th, Rooks has had her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.  She has spent her days meeting with Coast Guard and other government officials, participating in conference calls, and meeting with residents and business owners who would be most directly impacted.

Recently Rooks was re-appointed as President of the Small County Coalition.  The Coalition is comprised of 35 counties.  The Small County Coalition works to ensure that small counties are represented in Tallahassee, working to better meet the challenges facing Florida’s smaller counties.  Rooks also serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Counties.  This association represents all 67 counties in the State of Florida.

On June 30, 2010, the President of the Florida Association of Counties recognized eight (8) County Commissioners from around the state.  Lilly Rooks was one of the eight (8) commissioners to be recognized and presented with the Presidential Advocacy Award for her hard work.  This was her third recognition.  She has attained County Commissioner Certification and Advanced Certification.

Through all her responsibilities, she has remained committed to stay current on the legislative issues which could impact your families and their way of life.  There are no political boundaries, Rooks represents all the people of Levy County.

Lilly Rooks has proven that you can count on her.  On November 2, 2010, vote for Lilly Rooks, Your County Commissioner, District 4, YOUR VOICE.