Commissioner disputes quotes

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 I read your article regarding my motion to appoint someone from my district to the Planning Commission and your editorial titled “Our View” regarding non-agenda items and I would like to set the record straight.

To be clear, at no time did I say, as you quoted, that Mr. Barber, the current Planning Commission member “does not represent me or the people from my district” I suggest you listen to the audio of the meeting, which is online for you to do so. I understand how difficult it must be to be at a meeting and write down what people say and then transcribe it correctly, but I would hope that a professional would verify their statements before making them public fodder. 

You also made the statement that  “when you asked me about bringing up non agenda items, several times in the past, I told you that I brought up non-agenda items because I was afraid if people knew in advance they would get stirred up.” That is not what I told you. First, I rarely bring up non-agenda items and second, my comment to you about why I raised the issue as a non-agenda item was and, I quote, “because I didn’t want the media circus that I endured the last time I raised this issue.”

I have always complied fully with the Sunshine Law and afforded my constituents every possible opportunity to have open government and honest representation. You and I have had discussions about it in the past and I thought we were like minded. To now be labeled by you as something other than open and honest is quite frankly, disappointing. Nothing is more important to me than my honesty and integrity and it’s what I bring to the job of commissioner. 

When all is said and done and I move on to the next chapter of my life I hope I’ll be remembered for representing Levy County by always voting my conscience and doing what I consider to be the right thing.  It’s unfortunate that a few misquotes and innuendo can cast a shadow on that legacy.  


Marsha Drew 

Levy County Commissioner

District 3