Colson is Cedar Key’s New Mayor

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By Kellie Parkin

After three rounds of nominations and voting, Cedar Key commissioners welcomed Sue Colson as the city’s new mayor.

As Commissioner Heath Davis handed the gavel over to city clerk Francis Hodges, he offered the first nomination for mayor by recommending Commissioner Gene Hodges.

Commissioner Pat O’Neal nominated Commissioner Sue Colson next and then Commissioner Scott Dennison nominated Davis for another term.

Davis closed the nominations and the first round of voting began.

Hodges voted for himself.

Colson voted for herself.

Dennison voted for Davis.

Davis voted for Hodges.

O’Neal voted for Colson.

The clerk opened the floor again for nominations and the second round mirrored the first.

When commissioners voted for the third time, Dennison voted for Sue Colson, giving her the majority.

The commission was more agreeable on the choice for vice-mayor. Dennison nominated Davis and the vote was unanimous.