Close brush with Irene; better luck with reds

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By Danny Allen

 Well, here we are looking at celebrating Labor Day, and it seems like just last month we were doing the same thing. I tell ya, when your livin’ the life of a Cedarkeyian, time just flies by. So all I have to say is “play hard” and “play safe!” 


We had a kinda close call early in the week when we looked at a possiblity of getting brushed by Irene. Thanks to a turn for the best to the east, all we got was lots of windy conditions. That’s the good news; bad news was somebody else had to take fall. I hope the North can bounce back from fast flooding and tropical storms, which are pretty new for them. It caused our water to churn up pretty bad, not really stopping our fishing, but slowing it down for sure.

Me and Capt Nick headed up to Horseshoe Beach Saturday with a scalloping/ redfishing trip. The group consisted of 12 folks. Well, because Cedar Key is such a fun place, only six could get out of bed over at the Island Hotel were they stayed. So, having to adjust our plans a bit, we scalloped four and fished two. Now, due to the windy conditions the scallops were kinda tough to see. But we were able to find enough for appetizers.

Our redfishing was a success as we went on to boat 11 fish, all in the upper slot. Dr. Hernandez and his son, Frank, were very tickled over those redfish. Their words were: “ By far the most fun I ever had fishing.” Now, Doc was 67 and Frank, 45. That was cool to hear from them. They been around a lil’ bit so I was smiles all day from those words.

Sunday was another windy day in the Key, blowing 12-15 out the west. Me, Freddy Clayton and Steve Smith headed to the flats to see if we could beat the 11 fish total from Saturday’s trip. As we entered time to leave, we were stuck on 11 fish for about 45 minutes. Then Freddy hooked two reds in back to back casts to end the day with 13 reds. All in all, another good weekend fishing the flats. And it should only get better as we go.

Well, that’s all we got here, so from SS Charters to all the readers: have a happy Labor Day weekend.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.