Clear water makes for good sights

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By Danny Allen

Hey everyone, I want to start by saying, “ Stop doing the rain dance!”

The farmers have figured out how to perform an award-winning rain dance to perfection. And I know our water tables need it, but most days it’s causing issues in my world. Hey, we will figure it out soon enough. Next I will be complaining it’s too hot and wish it would rain.

If you have ever seen that shirt that reads, “100 fishing excuses” why we didn’t catch fish, you would understand what I mean. You’ve heard the song, “Blame it on the Rain”? Well, we blame it on anything and everything.

The fishing is kinda stuck in gear right now, so to speak. The water clarity is perfectly clear on the outside right now. Probably the clearest I’ve ever seen in the summer months. The other day, in over four-feet of water from my boat tower, I watched a conch crawl across the bottom. That says two things: 1) the water is super clear; and 2) the fishing was slow enough for me to watch conchs crawl. Both are no good for the most part.

In the redfish scene, the water had gotten clean and lots of the grass didn’t grow back from the winter around the islands. This does something to the sand security factor with the bait. Which, if there’s no bait, there’s no predator (redfish). So, the inside game is your best bet on the redfish for now.

The keeper trout are deep on the outside banks and can be targeted on flood tides pretty easy. The coolest fish for me this year is the big black drum which are still tailing inside but are getting a little hardheaded as the water gets hotter.

I hope this helps and hope to see everyone dry and on the water soon. Keep it reel salty.