CK Light Station to host Seminole reenactors

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Facility is celebrating 159 years

By Pam Darty

The Cedar Keys Light Station is nearly 159 years old.  To celebrate its part in our history, the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge will host a lighthouse open house on August 3, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Bring your own boat or take a tour boat out into the Gulf to join in the fun.  

This past weekend nearly 300 visitors came to the lighthouse open house.  Families in their boats took a break from fishing and picnicking to take advantage of the open house event on Seahorse Key. Next month there will be even more incentive to visit.

“What we’re most excited about this summer is the Seminole reenactment group joining us on Seahorse Key.  They will talk about the days during the Seminole Indian Wars when they were held at the light station. It’s a story not many know,” says Ranger Pam Darty.

Toni Collins, author of “Cedar Keys Light Station” will dress as lightkeeper, Catharine Hobday.  You’ll not have a better source of the light’s history than from she who spent days in the National Archives researching the true stories. Her companions in period costumes, the Levy County and Cedar Key Historical Societies, will provide tours and history lessons for all.

The Refuge will provide a spotting scope to view the many species of birds that nest, rest, and hang-out in the Cedar Keys area for the summer, like the magnificent frigate bird and roseate spoonbills.