City not easily giving up right of way

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By Lou Elliott Jones

Ronald McCabe, who owns the house at 12350 Pine Street, has asked the Cedar Key City commission to consider vacating the 40-foot right of way it owns behind the home but the commission has delayed taking any action.

McCabe, who has been before the commission on two occasions, most recently on Dec. 18, said he would like to see the street vacated as he would like to expand the house on the property. But he was unhappy at the list of seven things he would need to do — including a possible title search — before coming back to the commission with his request. The list of steps was provided to McCabe by City Attorney Norm Fugate.

The easement, which is parallel to State Road 24, which fronts McCabe's property, runs behind several properties from Pine Street, through a small pond where Magnolia Street would cross it, on to Cedar Street. 

“The current owners may not mind backing out onto 24,” said Commissioner Sue Colson, “But future owners may wonder why they have to.”

McCabe said the owners down the street from him “may not have access from Pine Street, but have access from Magnolia Street.”

“Is there any way to accommodate you without doing this,” Commission Heath Davis asked McCabe. “I would love to see you work through the building permit side. . . . for a lot less money you might get what you want.”

Davis said it's a known fact that “every structure on Second Street encroaches on the right of way. In fact, it's encouraged.”

McCabe said he would take Davis' suggestion.