Cemetery Point Park will be more accessible

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By Kellie Parkin

With the permit process nearly complete, work is expected to begin this month at Cemetery Point Park to make the public facility compliant with ADA requirements.


ADA, which stands for Americans with Disabilities Act, guarantees by law equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, governmental services, commercial facilities, transportation and telecommunications.

Upgrades scheduled for Cemetery Point Park include designated handicap parking, boardwalk passing spaces, and walkways to provide better access to the park facilities from the boardwalk.

The park’s boardwalk currently has two observation areas that can be used as passing spaces for individuals with wheelchairs, walkers and canes, but they are spread too far apart to meet ADA standards. New additions will place three to four more passing areas so that each one is no more than 200 feet from the next. Passing spaces allow enough room for two standard-sized wheelchairs to cross paths.

Concrete and shell walkways will be added within the park to provide safer, easier mobility and access to facilities such as the restrooms, pavilion and play area. A concrete and shell walkway will also connect the parking lot to the boardwalk.

The project is estimated at a cost of $49,288 and will be paid for through CRA funds.