Cedar Key's healer, Mary Inskeep

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By Debra Lyon-Dye

An angel of mercy has quietly been providing a great service to the community of Cedar Key for the past 25 years. She does house calls, meets appointments at her Rosewood office, keeps us fit and limber, offers herbal oils, and wraps us in wellness. She is Mary Inskeep, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Mary started her career at the age of seven. Her parents had back problems and she worked on them to relieve their distress. At age twelve, she studied holistic health, reading Back to Eden by Jethro Klaus and the literature of Edgar Cayce, early psychic and holistic health pioneer. She learned the importance to her own health of fasting and cleansing and by the time she entered college was successfully treating herself herbally. She attended classes at Ohio State University in English and Bio- Sciences.

In the early eighties, Mary attended the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, completing a one thousand hour educational requirement. She then took and passed her State Boards to become licensed. She worked for Dr. Brugh Joy, author of Joys Way, while learning his Egyptian healing energy techniques. Continuing education is required for licensure and she went on to complete four hundred hours in Herbology. Recently Mary completed a Hypnotherapy Program and is in the process of becoming a Medicine Woman of the Nemenhah Tribe. She is a member of the International Massage Association and provided wellness information as a columnist for the Cedar Key News.

Mary's Licensed Massage and Spa Therapy treatments are numerous: Swedish massage including Energy, Reflexology and Cranio-Sacral work; a new Sinus Treatment involving massage, eucalyptus facial steam and ginger foot bath; and a new Arthritis Treatment involving a paraffin bath and massage. She also offers Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Neck Pain Treatments and Active Isolated Sports Stretching.

Massage and day spa treatments are available by appointment at her office. Additionally she offers private rehabilitative exercise, restorative yoga and regular yoga in private homes. She is also offering Massage Treatments at Coconuts on Dock Street on Mondays at 5 p.m.

Since 1990 she has led the Cedar Key Water Aerobics group, now meeting at Nature's Landing Pool, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4. In October she will once again lead a yoga group which traditionally has been held at Christ Episcopal Church. She has been providing this service since 1984.

Mary's product line of wellness products are hand-made by her in accordance with the East West School of Herbalism. They include healing oils, bath salts, salt packs, and facial masks.

Her newest line includes Best Baby Oil and Damania Oil. Her Arthritis Oil has even proven effective on man's best friend, said to get an old dog "up and running in the woods."

This angel of mercy can be reached at 543-6107, email massagelady@bellsouth.net. Her website is www.internationalmassageassociation/member-inskeep.

Happy twenty-fifth anniversary Mary Inskeep, from all the people you have touched and please, no talk of retirement!