Cedar Key's crown jewel — City Park

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I've lived from California to New Jersey, Michigan to
Florida and now live on A Street across from the City Park.
Never have I seen a park utilized as much as CK's City Park
(festivals, kids playing football, movies and X-mas in the
park, etc.).
However, three improvements need to be done now.
1. People ask me all the time where our beach is. The
beach is being overtaken by grass. Take the city's backhoe,
pull up the grass, and import sand to make it a "great beach."
2. The present graqss was sod, and laid four years ago. A
year and a half ago 15 more pallets of this special grass was
re-laid. It doesn't grow. After a rainstorm it's a quagmire and
when it's dry it's sparse and full of weeds. Put seed down like
rye, Centipede, St. Augustine, etc. (I'm not a grass specialist.)
3. The cedar tree at the corner by the gazebo is dead. It
needs to be cut down and the stump ground out. Replace it
with maybe a Royal Palm (it's elegant) or a Silver Bismarck
(it's beautiful) as a cornerstone for the park.
A lot of money has been spent on the City Park in the last
five years — let's not waste it. Please let the commissioners
know your feelings on this matter
George Oakley
Cedar Key