Cedar Key Police Department Reports

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By Chief Bubba Castell

It appears the Grinch is a little late in coming this year as burglaries of several local residences have occurred since our previous press release of Jan. 9. One home owner lost an end table, two potted, six-foot-tall palm trees, four glass flower vases and a hand dolly from the side porch of his home. Total value of the loss was approximately $970.

Another resident's home was entered and the culprits took approximately $150 in cash (change), a computer tower, Bose radio/CD player combination and his golf cart, which was later recovered inside the Cedar Key Cemetery. Total value of this loss was approximately: $4,300. The recovered property value was approximately $3,000.

Also, a vehicle burglary was reported that involved the removal of prescription glasses with an approximate value of $500. The vehicle was not locked and the perpetrator only opened the door, removed the glasses, and left the area undetected.

There are possible suspects in some of these burglaries, but the ones believed to have been involved are not available for interviews at the time of this writing. Should they return to this area contact will be made and the suspects will be arrested, if our information proves to be correct. Anyone having knowledge of these thefts please contact the police department immediately. If your information is beneficial and an arrest is made you will receive a reward for your participation

Jan. 17, approximately 9:19 a.m., the Levy County Sheriff's Office Communication Center called and advised that a dock, the property of Natures Landing Condos, was possibly on fire. Chief Bubba Castell responded to the area and observed two large holes had been burned in the dock. The Cedar Key Fire Department responded and doused two "hot spots" on the dock with their "bucket brigade."

Apparently the ones responsible for the arson used tires and an oil-based accelerant to be assured the dock would burn successfully, due to inclement weather in the area at the time the fire occurred. It is unbelievable that anyone would stoop this low to continuously burn the property, since this is the third time arson has occurred to the dock. No one can begin to justify their reasoning for setting these fires, and if they continue doing this will any of our property be safe from such despicable individuals? Anyone providing information leading to the arrest, and conviction, of the person, or persons, involved will be duly compensated for the information they provide. Those responsible for this blatant violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, when they are eventually arrested.

We have an election next Tuesday, Jan. 29, and everyone needs to weigh all the issues before making their decision, especially concerning the Amendment issue on our ballot. I am not an election analyst, but I do have concerns when everyone tries to tell us what is always best for us; especially with our Governor encouraging all voters to approve this measure. We know about Amendments and how they can change everything; especially with the way the "Net Ban" was promoted by all of the sports fishermen in an effort to undermine commercial fishing. I know that, basically, we are a little more affluent with the "clamming industry," but personally, I still miss my skiff and my gill net. Therefore, please use good common sense and special concerns for the future when you go to the polls on Tuesday, as the final results could create a long-lasting dilemma for each and every one of us statewide when the final vote is cast.

The final home basketball game for the season is Friday, Jan. 25, with all four teams participating; including the middle school girls and boys and the high school girls' and boys' teams giving their all. Too, it is "The Homecoming Game," with all the pageantry, including naming the Queen, King and their Court.

If you have not seen these young men and women compete on the basketball court you have certainly missed some exciting moments during the year. I fortunately have a grandson participating and haven't missed a game all year. I encourage each and every one of you to come out this Friday and exhibit your "Shark Pride" for your Alma Mater, or just to be a spectator, if you were not fortunate enough to have graduated from Cedar Key High. The $4 it costs will be well spent and the Concession Stand provides all kind of goodies for a minimal fee; so you will not go hungry either. I will be looking forward to having all of you joining me at the Cedar Key School Gym from 4 p.m. until approximately 9 p.m. this Friday.

Parents, when was the last time you took time to talk with your children about drugs, alcohol and other important issues that face them in our current society today? If we do not communicate with our children on a daily basis we have a tendency to let them drift away from us; creating a huge gap in our personal relationship that may never be bridged. Remember, our children are our most important asset and we do not need to let them stray from the straight and narrow. Give them a hug and kiss when they leave for the day, telling them how important their life is to you, as after we lose them it is too late to express your love for them. Encourage them to always do the best they can; setting their standards and goals high; never having a defeatist attitude and always thinking like the little train; saying "I think I can."

Until next time, may the good Lord take a liking to you and may you return His favor by taking a liking to Him. We can be whatever we want to be only by believing in Him and talking less negatively about our friends, neighbors and loved ones. If you think things will get worse, they probably will, but if you think positively I am sure you will be blessed more richly than you can ever imagine. Abide by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. May God's blessings be yours.

Remember: Do not drink and drive at anytime as you may have the opportunity to meet one of your friendly policemen, by accident; that is no pun.

Thank you for reading the Beacon and the Cedar Key News, as they try to provide you with all the local news in an unbiased manner. Isn't it great to live in the greatest little community this side of Heaven?

Hoping your New Year continues to be prosperous and your future endeavors are always bountiful.