Cedar Key Police Department Reports

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By Chief Bubba Castell

Things continue to be on the slow side for your Cedar Key Police Department, but we are certainly not complaining at this time. We appreciate everyone's concern about DUI's, as they seemed to have hit a low ebb during the past couple of weeks. For that, all of us are very thankful. Remember: have your designated driver with you; know the taxi numbers; or call someone to pick you up, should you over indulge in alcoholic beverages, as our ZERO TOLERANCE still exists. Thanks to everyone for their continuing cooperation in keeping our streets safe at all times.

Jan. 26, approximately 1:35 a.m., Officer Mike Cosseboom stopped a vehicle for failure to maintain a single lane on SR24 near Number 4 Bridge. An underage driver was in control of the vehicle, having no driver's license. The child's father, Mr. Kevin R. Robinson, age 34, of Brandon, was a passenger in the vehicle and stated he had allowed his son to drive as he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and his own license was suspended. Mr. Robinson was charged with "permitting an unauthorized person to drive" and booked in to the Levy County Jail, where he awaited first appearance and bond setting procedures.

Feb. 1, approximately 10:45 p.m., Officer David Perry arrested Mr. John A. Coraci, age 41, of Cedar Key, for Domestic Assault and Disorderly Intoxication. Mr. Coraci was transported to the Levy County Jail; booked in on the aforementioned charges and awaited first appearance and bond setting procedures.

Sheriff Johnny Smith and the Levy County Sheriffs Office continues to assist your police department, when called upon. Too, the Citizens On Patrol (COP) stand ready to help in many emergency situations, as well as assist in handling traffic control during all local funeral processions. This is strictly a volunteer organization, which operates in an effort to keep all deputies available to answer citizen's complaints without interruption and delays. They play a major role in traffic and crowd control at all of our festivals each and every year. This organization has never refused to assist us at anytime; even on a very short notice. I know Sheriff Smith, and his staff, continue to be very proud of these fine men and women, who represent his office very well, as they stand tall in their allegiance to the citizens of Levy County and the Office of the Sheriff.

We are still requesting assistance in solving the "arson" case involving the dock structure of Nature's Landing Condos. Anyone having any information concerning this incident is requested to contact your police department and if your info is instrumental in the arrest of the person, or persons, involved you will receive a nice reward for you efforts.

Cedar Key Schools are in the process of raising funds to upgrade the Elementary School's playground and improving the playground equipment. Anyone interested in donating to the cause please call 352-543-5223; this is the school's number; advising them you want to contribute to the playground fund. Approximately $15,000 is still needed before the project can become a reality. Any donation is accepted and appreciated. It is not the amount, but the thought behind the gift.

The new track in the Rosewood area is completed and the track team is in the process of adjusting to this new facility. Basketball season is slowly, but surely, coming to a close; with track and baseball quickly taking over the spotlight. The CKS boys' basketball team competes in the District Tournament this week; beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 5, in Ocala at the Meadowbrook Christian School gym. I certainly hope we can bring home the overall trophy this year. The boys were runners-up in Branford in their Christmas tournament, as they lost to Bell High School in the finals. Revenge was sweet though, since they beat Bell in the Cedar Key gym in one of their best games of the season.

Our Lady Sharks became very competitive as the season progressed and they will be loaded next year since we are not losing anyone to graduation. They made us all proud to be Sharks and I am really looking forward to the next season, since some of the Middle School Sharkettes will be moving up the ladder to the varsity team. They will certainly bring a lot to the table with the starting five returning to nurture them along. Good luck to our future Lady Sharks.

This school year has passed very quickly and it is hard to believe we only have four more months to go before the seniors will be making their way down the aisle to receive their diplomas. I realize to them it seems to be going on forever, but before they realize it they will be practicing their walk down the aisle and writing their speeches to be given at that "very special time" in their life.

Cedar Key has a lot to be proud of since we continue to be an "A" school in the State of Florida Department of Education process. We should express our appreciation to Ms. Sue Ice, Principal; the teachers; their aides; the support groups of custodians and lunch room personnel; all of which makes this education institution so successful. It takes each and every one of those dedicated people to keep the wheels turning and the children's dedication flowing in a positive direction. Let us not forget the students, as they continuously go that extra mile to ensure continuing progress in keeping the smallest school in the State of Florida always in the forefront. Let us all give them an old "atta - boy" for their success, when we see our teachers, students and support staff on the school grounds, or on the streets of our little community; as it is well deserved.

I am afraid we will suffer from the passing of the "Tax Saving Amendment" during the recent election and I only blame our Legislature for their inability to do the job we elected them to do in our behalf. If the amendment does not provide us with the relief those who voted for it thought the gibberish meant, then our Tallahassee leaders can always say: "we gave you a choice and you made the wrong one." If they do not want to do the job we sent them to do, then I do not want to take up the slack by passing their recommended amendments.

Remember: When you cannot find any good mullet to eat, let us not forget the "Net Ban Amendment," that passed, although it was underlined with lies, half-truths and staged photos. Personally, I have failed to see any significant change in the amount of redfish, trout and other sports fish in our area, with the passage of the net ban. It is also possible we will rue the day this last amendment slipped through our fingers in the same fashion.

I do find solace in one thing though and that is the fact I know the Good Lord will take care of me and my family by only believing in Him and his Word. I encourage each and every one of you to do the same. When in doubt seek Him and He will give you courage and directions to a better life. Until next time, think about this little statement and what have you to lose, as you only have to ask and you, too, will receive.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I enjoy writing more about our little community, rather than our visitors and citizens trials and tribulations in the arrest column. Until next time, be safe, keep your faith; always helping your friends, family and neighbors, as the ultimate reward will always be yours.