Cedar Key Police Department Reports

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By Chief Bubba Castell

Wow! Another two weeks without a DUI. Thanks to each and every one of you for your continuing cooperation in keeping this problem to a minimum. It is always less costly if you do your drinking at home, but if you do drink in the local establishments, keep it to a minimal consumption. If you do decide to exceed your capacity of comprehension, with your driving ability impaired, please continue having someone take you home.

But recently there have been problems of allowing unlicensed people to drive, when the vehicle owner believes they have had too much to drink, which can result in his/her arrest, especially if they are aware the individual is not a licensed driver. I guess choosing the lesser of the two evils between allowing an unauthorized person to drive or driving under the influence is a positive step, but please, be sure your driver does have a valid driver's license, or they will be also penalized for their good Samaritan effort.

Cedar Key School's Parent - Teacher - Organization is having a Clam and Oyster dinner at the City Park on Feb. 29, from 5 - 7 p.m. with the price of this delicious offering being only $8 per person. Please come out and support this worthy organization and its many school projects which include, but are not limited to, scholarships and athletics. This is another chance for us to support our local school activities, enjoying another delicious Cedar Key seafood dinner in the process. Hoping to see all of you there.

Feb. 6, Chief Bubba Castell was advised that two young men and a young female had spent the night in a local establishment, apparently taking a DVR, several towels, bed linens and other commodities from their room, prior to checking out. It was later determined they paid their bill with a worthless check, which resulted in a total loss to the owner of approximately $450, a felony. There are some leads in this theft/fraud and your police department is following up on them at this time. The suspects were driving a white Lumina van with Michigan plates and they are described as young Caucasians; 19 to 25 years of age. Any other rental establishment having a loss of this nature please call our agency and we will assist you any way we can in possibly recouping your losses.

Feb. 6, Chief Castell worked a criminal mischief/theft from a local Motel/Condo, where an individual's Mercedes Benz's hood emblem had been removed. The complainant stated he had cleaned the hood of his vehicle on Feb. 5, approximately 1:30 p.m. and knew the emblem was in place at that time. He later discovered the emblem missing on Feb. 6, approximately 12:15 p.m. and he advised he had not moved his vehicle during that time frame. Anyone having any knowledge of this incident please call your police department and an award will be yours, if an arrest is made, based on your information.

Feb. 15, approximately 7:57 a.m., Officer Troy Sloan arrested Mr. Jonathan Michael Beree, age 35, of Cedar Key, on an outstanding warrant. The warrant was for Violation of Probation and Mr. Beree was transported to the Levy County Jail without incident. Mr. Beree was released on his own recognizance.

NOTICE TO ALL FISHERMEN AND FISHERWOMEN: It is that time of the year when Fishing Tournaments are of the norm and so far we have received three applications as listed below:

April 5, Approximately 50 plus boats will be present.

April 19, Approximately 150 plus airboats will be present (GT0)

May 17, Approximately 50 boats plus will be present.

Also, as some of you may be aware, but for those of you who are not, the inside boat ramp is getting a much needed facelift and that project is scheduled for completion approximately by the end of March or the first of April; depending on weather conditions. Therefore, those of you visiting us on the weekends please prepare yourselves for a possible delay in launching your vessel, since we only have the one outside boat ramp available at this time. Weather permitting, fishing has been fair to good, with off shore fishing possibly being the most productive in recent weeks. May your lines always be tight; fishing production good and boating safety above reproach.

Also, March 8, has been established as the date for "The Cedar Key Old Timers Day," so please make arrangements to meet with us at the Community Center on Sixth Street and enjoy the great fellowship, food and fun that abounds each and every year. Too, all of you Old Timers who have any photographs, videos or other memorabilia of family and friends, please bring these to this year's gathering; sharing them with all of us that are fortunate enough to be present. This is a great day for Cedar Keyans, at which time all of us look forward to renewing old acquaintances and making new ones as well. Although this is not an official proclamation: BE THERE! As we look forward to seeing each and every one of you once again.

To say I am not concerned about this year's Presidential Election would definitely be misleading, as I am a registered Democrat. At this time I guess you would consider me a DemoPublican, since neither of our Democratic contenders appeal to me and I have no intention of voting for either of them. They continue to overwhelm me with their rhetoric, but neither has offered any special commitments to make our Great Nation any better. Unless someone takes a stand against the "big oil companies;" the recession we are apparently spiraling into; and the influx of immigrants we can no longer afford, I will not waiver my current resentment toward their impromptu attitude. I am currently leaning toward the lesser of three evils in this year's election, with no intention of changing my mind at this time. Anyway, that is one of the few opportunities we still maintain; the right to vote our convictions and I stand by mine. This is my personal opinion and not that of the newspaper.

Parents do not be mislead by the watered down version of the "evolution process" that is being presented by our State School System as a recommendation to be taught in our public schools. I am not in favor of any presentation of evolution being taught to my family, friends or loved ones, as there is only one way I was conceived and that was by the grace of my Holy Father in Heaven. I strongly support the "Bible Belt Concept" and encourage each and every one of you to do the same. Give praise to our Lord and Savior on a daily basis and do not hesitate to defend your Bible beliefs until the end of time, as your reward will be greater than anything you have on this earth.

We, at the Cedar Key Police Department, continue to thank each and every one of our citizens for their assistance in making our little community a safer and happier place to reside. Remember: Always protect our children and older folks by reporting any strange or unusual activity you may observe. Too, always be alert while driving; both offensively and defensively, as we go about our daily routine of living here in Cedar Key. Thank you for reading The Beacon and The Cedar Key News; always supporting them as they are products of local occurrences in our City and the surrounding areas.