Cedar Key Police Department Reports

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By Chief Bubba Castell


Please remember: The inside boat ramp is still under construction, with the end of March as the projected completion date for this outstanding improvement. Too, April will be a busy month for all of you: There will be two fishing tournaments: April 5 and April 20, as well as the Cedar Key Arts Festival, April 11 and 12. We are not trying to discourage any of you from coming to visit, but we do want you to have knowledge of these dates as there may be long lines to launch your vessel and lots of congestion in the launching area. Hang in there with us as the end results will be worth the waiting, I am sure.

The Cedar Key School PTO would like to thank each and everyone who made the oyster and clam dinner on Friday, Feb. 29 a huge success. This includes all those behind the scenes who furnished, prepared and served this delicious meal, and especially those that took the time to come by the City Park and purchase the dinners. Too, the Oyster and Clam Associations are commended for providing the main ingredients, since the success of the dinner was completely dependent on the products they provided. Pre-Sale tickets also played a major role in the final success of this major under taking. Again, thanks to all of you, since it was never meant to be a "one" person show, and it was carried out in true Cedar Key fashion. Your generosity has shown itself once again and the playground is approaching a reality with your continuing assistance.

While we are on the topic of good food and hard work, let us not forget this weekend, March 8, since we will all be gathering at the City Community Center in celebration of "The Cedar Key Old Timers Day." If you have any doubts any of your relatives and friends are unaware of this big day, please be sure to give them a phone call and remind them to come by and join the rest of us. I have never seen anyone leave unhappy from this gathering and it appears to get bigger and better every year. I always enjoy the day of fellowship, feasting, reliving special moments; especially the "slide show" of antique buildings, boats, people and other forgotten memories that are so precious to those of us still here. Hope to see all of you there; so come early and stay late: You will not be sorry you were in attendance.

Feb. 18, approximately 9:31 p.m, Officer Mike Cosseboom, while conducting a traffic stop, observed a white four door vehicle traveling west on Whiddon Avenue driven by an individual that Officer Mike knew did not posses a valid driver's license. The vehicle was stopped by Officer Mike, who arrested the driver for no valid driver's license. While speaking to the driver, Mr. Walter Evan Bell, age 26, Cedar Key, Officer Mike detected a strong odor of the impurities of an alcoholic beverage coming from Mr. Bell's breath. Mr. Bell's speech was also slurred, with his eyes being bloodshot and watery. Mr. Bell consented to a battery of field sobriety tests, which were not completed successfully. When these tests were completed he was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and transported to the Levy County Jail. Mr. Bell also consented to take an Intoxilizer test to determine his Blood Alcohol Content (BAC.) The results of these tests were: 0.175 and 0.182, twice the legal limit and Mr. Bell was booked in on the charges of DUI and Driving While License Was Suspended. He awaited first appearance.

Feb. 23, approximately 8:08 p.m, Officer Mike was responding to a physical disturbance call when he was notified by Levy County Sheriff's Office Communications to be on the lookout for a red Pontiac two door vehicle that may have been involved in the disturbance call. Officer Mike observed the vehicle as it passed him and he initiated pursuit of the suspect vehicle, which pulled into the parking of the closed Island Jiffy Store, corner of Whiddon Avenue and SR24. The driver, Mr. Jeffrey Zeigler, age 23, exited the vehicle and began to walk away. Officer Mike told Mr. Zeigler to stop, but he refused; stating he was not driving the vehicle. There was no other person in the area at the time of the traffic stop and Mr. Zeigler was arrested by Officer Mike for resisting arrest without violence. A search of Mr. Zeigler's vehicle incidental to an arrest was conducted by Officer Mike and a set of keys to the Pontiac was found under the driver's seat. Mr. Zeigler was transported to the Levy County Jail and booked in accordingly,

Feb. 24, approximately 12:31 a.m., Officer Mike Cosseboom, while monitoring traffic, observed a golf cart with no lights visible and he conducted a traffic stop on First Street. The driver, Mr. Joseph Daniel Miley, age 53, stated he did not posses a driver's license, when asked for one by Officer Mike. Mr. Miley had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath; with his eyes being watery and bloodshot. Officer Mike asked Mr. Miley for his date of birth and he replied: "1954." When asked for his DOB again, Mr. Miley replied the same: "1954." Mr. Miley finally provided his full name and DOB and upon Officer Mike checking with Levy County SO Communications it was determined his driver's license was suspended for failure to pay traffic fines. Also, Mr. Miley's driver's license expired in 1999. Mr. Miley admitted to Officer Mike that he had consumed 4, 5 or 6 drinks, with a mixture of beer and other mixed drinks. Mr. Miley also refused to participate in the roadside field sobriety tests, although he denied he had any physical impairment. He was arrested and transported to the Levy County Jail where he refused to take the Intoxilizer to determine his BAC. Too, Mr. Miley was rude and used profanity toward Officer Mike and the personnel at the Levy County Jail, while he was being booked into the facility on charges of driving while license suspended, knowingly and DUI, and he also received a Uniform Traffic Citation for an open container of an alcoholic beverage.

Feb. 26, approximately 5:50 p.m., Corporal Eddie Merritt responded to a physical disturbance call on Whiddon Avenue and upon his arrival he separated the two individuals involved. Ms. Melissa Dawn Faris, age 22, was subsequently arrested for domestic battery, after Cpl. Merritt interviewed those present at the residence. Cpl. Merritt, upon searching Ms. Faris's purse, prior to transporting her to the Levy County Jail, found what appeared to be a brass pipe, normally used to smoke crack cocaine. The pipe had what appeared to be some type residue in it and upon field testing the residue it was determined by Cpl. Merritt to be positive for crack cocaine. Ms. Faris was transported to the Levy County Jail and booked in on the charges of Domestic Battery and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She awaited first appearance before a committing Magistrate.

March 1, approximately 7:47 p.m. Corporal Merritt responded to a physical disturbance call at 33 Dock Street and upon his arrival he made contact with Mr. Gary Lee Crosby, age 42, of Cedar Key, who had been designated as an aggressor in the disturbance. Mr. Crosby appeared to be intoxicated and for his safety he was being placed in Cpl. Merritt's vehicle. Before he was placed in the vehicle Cpl. Merritt checked Mr. Crosby's pockets for any type weapon he might have on his person. During the "pat down" Cpl. Merritt found a bag containing a green leafy substance that was recognized by Cpl. Merritt to be marijuana. Mr. Crosby was then placed under arrest for possession of the marijuana by Cpl. Merritt. The alleged victims involved in the disturbance declined to press charges against Mr. Crosby. Cpl. Merritt interviewed Mr. Crosby, and during this interview Mr. Crosby kicked out the entire rear window frame of the Corporal's vehicle, resulting in an additional charge of Criminal Mischief. Cpl. Merritt performed a field test of the green substance and it tested positive as marijuana. Mr. Crosby was transported to the Levy County Jail and booked in on the charges of: Possession of Marijuana and Criminal Mischief.

March 1, approximately 7:45 p.m. Officer David Perry responded to a physical disturbance call at 330 Dock Street. The manager of the bar advised Officer Perry that a patron had been injured in the melee as he received two bite marks on his right arm. He identified the aggressor as Ms. Donna Crosby, age 37, of Cedar Key, and she freely admitted she had bitten the victim during the altercation. She stated she was being restrained in a head lock by the victim when she bit him. Ms. Crosby was arrested by Officer Perry on the charge of Simple Battery; transported to the Levy County Jail and booked in on the aforementioned charge. Ms. Crosby, while being detained in the back of Officer Perry's vehicle, banged her head against the cage causing a small incision in her forehead. Ms. Crosby was checked by the Med Unit and released. This occurred prior to her being transported to the Levy County Jail.

Well, I recently read where our intelligent Board of Education in Tallahassee approved the introduction of "Darwin's Theory" into our school educational program. At least they had strong opposition to the measure as they only won the argument by one vote. If they are going to approve the "theory" then I want my grandchildren to be taught the Bible, as that is my belief. Of course our illustrious Supreme Court has already ruled that we must separate Church and State, so that will never become a reality for us true believers. One day, in the not too distant future, those making these decisions will have to face the One I believe in and His decision may not be the one they really want to hear. The Levy County School Board did an excellent job by filing their objection to the "theory," but it apparently fell on deaf ears. At least we need to give them an "old atta-boy" for their efforts.

The school year is winding down, as there are only three months left and that will pass before we know it. We are very proud of our small school and its many accomplishments over the years. We have excellent athletic programs, which instills a positive attitude in those students participating in these events. Our curriculum is well rounded and the teachers do an excellent job in their class presentations. They do a great job of preparing the students for tomorrow by encouraging them to continue their education by attending the college of their choice.

I attended a recent Elementary School play: "Let George Do It" and the program was very entertaining for all ages. The presentation was excellent and those responsible for all the preparation, especially teaching the children their individual parts, their ability to entertain the audience and the making of their costumes, need to be commended for their professional efforts.

Upcoming events at the school includes, but is not limited to: March 7 - Teachers' work day - No school; March 14 - Report Cards; March 20 - Pie Auction - 7 p.m.: School Auditorium; March 28 - Takeout Chicken Dinner - 2:30 p.m.; March 31, Suwannee River Fair Day - No school.

Let us not forget to tell our family, friends and loved ones how much we really love them on a daily basis, as we never know when it will be too late to remind them, since we have no way of knowing when our time to depart this earth becomes a reality. We should prepare ourselves daily by believing in our Creator, and it certainly was not through Darwin's theory for me. Never fail to give Him all the credit and teach our children to respect the golden rule at all times. Until next time: Be safe: obey all traffic laws: do not consume alcohol to the point of impairment and give praise to our Beloved Savior, as every day brings us closer to Judgment Day. May God's blessings continue to be yours.