Cedar Key Police Department Reports

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By Chief Bubba Castell

Friday, March 21, there will be no school, so please use caution when traveling on SR24 and the streets of our wonderful little city, due to the children walking, riding bicycles, or playing near their respective homes. We never know when a loose ball will cross the street followed by an unsuspecting child, so please be fully aware during your travel time around the community. Always respect our older generation and children, as we love and appreciate all of them very much.

A special note to all former graduates of Cedar Key High School: Each year the CKS PTO provides several scholarships to worthy students, with this year being no exception. As we all know it takes money to further our children's education and the PTO needs financial assistance to carry out a very worthwhile obligation they have taken on. Therefore, I, as a former graduate of CKHS, will make a contribution to them and also ask that each and everyone, who can afford to do so, make a complimentary tax deductible gift to their most worthy organization. This is not the only project the PTO has undertaken, as they are playing a leading role in financing the much needed playground for the Elementary School. Please, let us all assist the PTO anyway we can, but especially financially this year, as they are trying so hard to meet their established goals.

Those of you who failed to attend the "Old Timers Day" at the Community Center on March 8, suffered a great loss, based on the fun, food and entertainment enjoyed by those present for this special event that special day. Please place the date on your calendar for next year, as it will be the second Saturday in March, 2009. Hope to see all of you there.

ALL BOATERS: RE: LAUNCH PASSES - Please display your launch pass on the driver's side dash where it is visible to anyone wishing to check and see if you have legally purchased your pass for the day. This continues to be a problem and quite often a lot of you come by our office complaining about receiving a citation when, in fact, you have purchased one. Occasionally, if you leave your windows partially down the wind may move the pass from the dash of the vehicle, but it is imperative that you make an effort to secure the pass once it is purchased. Thank you for your continuing cooperation in this matter and have yourself a great fishing day.

March 8, approximately 11:54 p.m., Sgt. John McMullen, after having previously warned a female, who was involved in a verbal confrontation with a male subject on Dock Street, not to drive a vehicle, due to her being intoxicated, stopped the same female, as she began driving a vehicle away from the Marina parking lot. Sgt. McMullen advised the driver, Ms. Sara V. Buchart, age 23, of Orange Springs, he had told her earlier not to drive any vehicles, as she was impaired. Ms. Buchart stated, "I have never seen, or met, you before." Sgt. McMullen smelled the strong impurities of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver's breath and her speech was slurred. Ms. Buchart was asked to submit to a battery of field sobriety tests to determine her ability to drive, but she refused. As Ms. Buchart exited the vehicle she lost her balance and Sgt. McMullen placed her under arrest for driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. Officer Mike Cosseboom transported Ms. Buchart to the Levy County Jail where she submitted to an Intoxilyzer test to determine her blood alcohol content. The results were as follows: 0.225 - 0.201 - and 0.191, which is more than twice the legal limit of 0.08, as allowed by Florida State Statutes. Ms. Buchart was also cited for child neglect, due to the fact her three-year-old daughter was in the vehicle at the time of her arrest for DUI. She awaited first appearance on both charges before a committing Magistrate.

All drivers please take notice: The State of Florida and your Cedar Key Police Department will be implementing vehicle safety checks in the near future so please be sure all your vehicle's safety equipment is in top notch condition, as the tickets may be rather costly. We will be looking at all headlights, tail lights, tag lights, brake lights, wiper blades, etc. Also, be sure any trailer you put on the highway has the appropriate safety equipment and all is in proper working conditions. Please check all of this beforehand as I am not sure of how the state will mandate the penalty process.

Qualifying for the upcoming City Election ends Friday, March 21 at noon, so those desiring to become part of city government must file all the necessary paperwork no later than the noon deadline, or their application will not be accepted. We will have at least one open seat, as much to my dismay, Ms. Vanessa Beckham Edmunds will not be seeking re-election. Vanessa is completing four years of dedicated service to the people of Cedar Key and she will certainly be missed by all of us she represented so effectively. We, at City Hall, wish her continuing success in her new endeavors, but we will certainly miss her smiling face around this area, as she was always willing to assist in any way she could.

We get an occasional request from the Levy County Sheriffs Department for assistance on CR347 with people "mud bogging" in the ditches, young people driving four- wheelers through other people's yards, as well as people in the bed of pickups hanging over the side, throwing different items at signs, etc. We respond, but most of the time everyone is gone by the time we get there. Therefore, we respectfully request that anyone involved in any of these shenanigans please refrain from being a part of them, as they are first and foremost dangerous, plus they can be very costly. They are also dangerous and can result in serious injuries, or even death. Mom and Dad, if you are aware any of your children being involved in these outings, please admonish them and become more involved in their safety and welfare. We love our children very much and the last thing we want to be is the bearer of bad news, should someone's child be injured; regardless of how insignificant the injury may be. To those of you currently involved: Please refrain from these type actions as they can be devastating to say the least. Find some other means to have your "fun," as the dangers far outweigh the excitement you feel you are enjoying at the time.

I certainly hope our illustrious legislature does not consider "re-doing" the presidential election in Florida. If the Democratic Party is so completely ignorant as to deny our earlier election then we need to withdraw from them entirely. They are trying to exercise muscle they do not really possess anyway. It appears they are trying to make me change my registration from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, apparently. I definitely am not satisfied with either of their current candidates and have no intention voting for either of them as this time. My choice for president has been made and it is certainly not either one of the Democratic candidates. Their political experience or lack thereof, leaves me no other choice at this time.

Brother David and Sister Galina Binkley have embarked on a four-week missionary trip to Magadan, Russia to a church established there by Brother David a few years ago. The Cedar Key Church of Christ, where Brother David preaches, has been instrumental in sending clothing and other important items to this area for some time now; the recipients there are very thankful for this small token of love. The members of the church express their gratitude for all the aid that is sent to them by the locals, as well as other Churches throughout the United States. It is a great movement and gaining momentum each and every day with more people confessing their faith for God; encouraging everyone to "get on board the Gospel Train" in Russia. I am sure with this four-week mission underway in Russia now the Church will definitely grow in numbers once again.

I am proud of my beliefs and encourage each and every one of you to also get on board before it is eternally too late. As I have mentioned so many times in the past; relate to your family, friends and loved ones how important they are to you and express your love for them on a daily basis. I encourage each and every one of you to believe in the appropriate creation and it certainly is not the one scientists would have you believe. I try my best to live an acceptable life, although I do stumble along the way, but forgiveness is always available only by asking Him.

We at the Cedar Key Police Department thank each and every one of you for your continuing support, as our goal is to keep Cedar Key the safest, most desirable place in the area to live. Keep an eye on your neighbor's home when he or she may be away for a short time. We still respectfully request that anytime you plan on being out of town for a short, or long, time, come by the office and fill out a "house check" sheet. It is a responsibility we accept and an opportunity to see those of you who are not our full-time citizens. Let us know if we can be of any assistance at anytime. Keep it between the lines and keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. May the Lord's blessings continue to be yours.