Cedar Key Police Department Reports

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By The Staff

Generally, things continue to be rather quiet for your local police officers, except for several disturbing criminal mischief complaints that occurred on Oct. 21. Apparently vandals decided they did not like the fence surrounding the parking lot at Gulf Boulevard and Hodges Avenue, as well as two other locations that were destroyed.

Unknown person(s) pushed down three panels of the parking lot fence; two panels of a privacy fence that was the property of Mr. David Coffey; as well as pushing a gate post over on school property. Someone really has a sick mind to belittle themselves to the point of destroying private and public property. Even stupidity, hatred, retaliation, or jealously, cannot justify this type of destruction, and I certainly do not contribute this to someone having fun, either.

Cedar Key Aquaculture Association is offering a $500 reward to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the person, or persons, responsible for the destruction of the fence on Hodges Avenue. Also, an additional $500 reward is offered if the person, or persons, is convicted of the crime. Any interested person contacting the Police Department with information about the incident will be held in strictest confidence. HELP US SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, AS THE NEXT TIME IT COULD BE YOUR PROPERTY THAT IS DESTROYED.

Oct. 12, Corporal Eddie Merritt filed a sworn complaint for Aggravated Battery against Mr. Albert Lamar Epperson due to his involvement in an incident that occurred at the Dock Street Raw Bar on Apr. 5, 2007. The sworn complaint was filed based on information developed by Corporal Merritt and Officer David Perry. The State Attorney's Office in Bronson will determine if a warrant will be issued or if Mr. Epperson will be issued a notice to appear.

Thursday, Oct. 25, Sgt. John McMullen responded to a call on Paroda Avenue in Cedar Key reference a physical disturbance. Upon Sgt. McMullen's arrival he spoke with the alleged victim, Mr. Terry Cole, Jr. age 18, who stated he had been struck several times by Ms. Donna Crosby, age 37, of Cedar Key. When confronted by Sgt. McMullen, Ms. Crosby admitted striking Mr. Cole, so she was arrested for Simple Battery; transported to the Levy County Jail where she awaited first appearance and bond setting.

Sgt. McMullen, while interviewing Mr. Terry Cole reference the battery charge, observed what appeared to be the smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from the young man's breath. Sgt. McMullen asked Mr. Cole if he had been drinking alcohol and he advised he had two shots of liquor about 7 p.m. Sgt. McMullen asked him where he obtained the liquor and Mr. Cole advised that Mr. Ryan L. Downey, age 21, of Cedar Key, had provided him with the liquor. Mr. Downey was arrested by Sgt. McMullen; transported to the Levy County Jail and charged with providing alcohol to a person under the age of 21.

It appeared that everyone had a successful Seafood Festival, based on the smiles and early exits from the park by most of the vendors. The seniors had a pretty good two days selling funnel cakes, and Mr. Whitman sold out of smoked mullet the first day. Mr. Dennis Voyles and his crew also sold out of grouper sandwiches. Ms. Thelma sold out of her delicious crab cakes, which is normal for her crew.

There was a great crowd of people visiting our little community, but was far from the record crowds we had early on during the festivals when mullet was the main dish. Too, law enforcement was not that busy, which was definitely a blessing. Only had a couple of loud music complaints, but basically no one created any problems; for which your police department is very thankful.

The City Maintenance Department, consisting of Brian and Jimmy, did an excellent job of keeping the garbage cans clean, as well as keeping the Park bathrooms clean and paper products plentiful. These two guys did the job of five or six people over the two day festival; never complaining and always smiling while performing their respective duties. If you see them around town thank them for the proficient manner in which they perform their duties, especially during the festivals each year.

Fall Festival is Thursday, Nov. 1, so we will be looking for everyone to attend this special outing on the old baseball/football field in front of the Cedar Key School gym. Please come out and participate in the food, fun and frolics, as I am sure you will enjoy seeing the children having lots of good times during the evening events. You may even get to dunk our favorite School Resource Officer, Deputy Ken Maddox, or cast a pie in his direction. I am sure he will volunteer for both the dunking booth and pie throwing contests, if both are available. Give him your best shot.

Please continue to drive safely in the school zone, as the children depend on your alertness to protect them at all times. Also, speeding there can be rather expensive since the speeding fines are always doubled. We read of tragedies involving school children on a daily basis and we do not want any of our Cedar Key children becoming statistics. They are our most important assets and we should set examples for them at all times by obeying all laws, but especially traffic laws in the area of our school.

Remember; If you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood please call the police department immediately; advise what you see, description of any strangers present, as well as any vehicle description available. Your police department is only as strong as the people we represent and we depend on your continuing assistance in making our little community a safer place to live. You are a great bunch of individuals to work for and we definitely want to continue an open line of communications with you at all times.

Regular hunting season is swiftly approaching and we certainly want each and every one of you to enjoy the woods, but please use caution when handling your firearms. Each and every year we lose a few hunters due to carelessness and we do not want any of you to be one of them. Good luck and go get the big one this year.

We respectfully request that all of you keep us in your daily prayers, since our job is so unpredictable and we never know what awaits us around the next corner, or at the next traffic stop. Until next time be good to your neighbor, help someone in need; always keep smiling as someone will actually wonder what you are up to. May God continue to bless us all.