Cedar Key to get new recycling center

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By Kellie Parkin

As part of the city-wide conservation movement, a recycling group in Cedar Key will be placing three recycling trailers in the lot across from the Market. The trailers will be painted dark green and local artists will be given the opportunity to paint the sides for a unique Cedar Key impression, said city public works director Josh Wilson.

The plan will remove the current trailer from Sundance laundry and provide greater capacity and easier access for residents to recycle.

With no need to sort material, people will be able to discard cardboard, plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass in any one of the trailers. Volunteers heading the recycling campaign have offered to donate their time to clean up the lot, remove weeds and plant some small trees in the area.

“This is a good site,” said Commissioner Sue Colson. “I like the idea.”

The commission’s main concern is that garbage may become a problem.

“We have to think of the long term of who’s going to be the watch dog because that’s what it will come down to,” Colson said. “We’ll need someone to remind people that its only for recyclable material.”

Going green, conserving, reusing and recycling are becoming more popular on the islands. “I think people are really open to recycling,” said Cathy Carver, a Cedar Key resident and business owner. Carver recycles on a regular basis, and doesn’t see food and non-recyclable items at the current recycle trailer located in front of Sundance laundry mat. “I have not experienced any kind of food garbage when I’ve been there.”

Scott Dennison did not like proposed location. “That is not the highest and best use of that property,” he said. Dennison pointed out the city’s original intended use when the CRA purchased the property. “It was meant to be festival parking.”

Mayor Heath Davis supports the plan. “We’re bringing it back to where it was but in a more dressed up fashion.” Davis lives nearby, but said he isn’t worried about the location becoming a nuisance. “Nothing’s permanent,” he said. “But we should give it a try.”

Davis said the city will have nominal expenses. “The cost to the city will be whatever we put in that lot to make it easier for people to use.”

“This is a citizen’s group and the enthusiasm is built up. They’ve come together with the best minds and they have a plan,” Colson said. “It shows visitors to this city that we recycle.”

“With the artists we have here, we’ll have some great art on those trailers,” commissioner Pat O’Neal added after the meeting. “And it’s a good advertiser for Cedar Key as well. The more people that know about us the better.”