Cedar Key - a friendly and caring community

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This letter to the editor is to give a big “Thank you,” to the gentlemen from Pennsylvania and Arkansas in the ebay/Patty Ann and to the persons on shore who alerted them when my kayak sprang a leak on the way to Atsena Otie.
Without your reserve, I would have been in the water and my kayak at the bottom. Thank you for your timely and generous help.
Thank you, too, to the 911 operator, Cedar Key Police and Fire and Rescue, and anyone else who responded so quickly.
Tho the Patty Ann was already on the water, he got there first, it was such a relief to see you there and ready if needed.
We visit Cedar Key every winter for several months. One of the reasons is your friendly and caring community — as demonstrated again.
Thank you, again.
Joan DeCota