Cedar Key boys win Levy County Championship

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By The Staff

There was a book published in Britain in 1958 called "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner." While the plot doesn't match the reality of the local runners at Williston High School, you can't help but think of the title as racers disappear into the distance, only to resurface several minutes later pushing for the finish line.

Varsity boys from Cedar Key and girls from Chiefland took first place at last week's Levy County Championship, held in Williston, while Williston was second in both. Yankeetown won the middle school boys' race, and there weren't enough runners for middle school girls' team titles.

Cedar Key was led by first year senior Justin Speegle, in his first race back after an ankle injury. Speegle finished third overall with 21:25, and the Cedar Key varsity boys finished in a cluster, with Joseph Bishop, Aaron Esposito, Frankie Beckham, Evan Lyons and David Bishop following Speegle for the next five places. The placement of the first five finishers per team make up the team score; thus the Sharks cleaned up with their consecutive, top-of-the-field finishes. Senior Micah Shelby, who has led the team all season, did not run due to an injury.

Zoe Stuber led the Sharks varsity girls with her 25:27 third place finish. Caely Hibbits was the other varsity girl for Cedar Key, finishing in 29:52.

Josh Berger was the sole runner for Sharks middle school boys, finishing seventh with 25:03.

Megan Stuber came in second for middle school girls, finishing in 26:49, and Chloe Reynolds finished in 30:17. Caitlin Goss did not run, due to injury.

The district meet is Nov. 1 at Mt. Dora Bible, and the regional meet will be held at Holy Trinity in Melbourne on Nov. 10.


Alex Travis (W) 20:23

Carl Gilley (W) 20:52

Justin Speegle (CK) 21:25

Joseph Bishop (CK) 22:14

Aaron Esposito (CK) 22:17

Frankie Beckham (CK) 22:29

Evan Lyons (CK) 23:29

David Bishop (CK) 25:03

Jesse Mack (W) 25:48

Bobby Hanson (W) 28:06

Jordan Rivera (W) 28:27

Final team scores: Cedar Key 25, Williston 33.


Alie Wheeler (CHS) 23:31

Chelsea Wright (W) 24:22

Zoe Stuber (CK) 25:27

Amy Biehl (CHS) 26:38

Beth Warren (CHS) 26:39

Jarobyn Rome (CHS) 26:41

Samantha Beyer (W) 28:32

Chala Hall (CHS) 28:35

Amanda Prevatt (CHS) 28:53

Caely Hibbits (CK) 29:52

Mindy Cunningham (W) 30:45

Kaitlyn Kearny (W) 32:42

Roxanne Flemming (CHS) 34:59

Melaina Beach (W) 35:12

Final team scores: Chiefland 24, Williston 46.


Cody Thompson (Y) 22:11

Ty Deweese (Y) 22:18

Mathew Covan (W) 24:19

Kyle Smith (Y) 24:32

Scott Cunningham (W) 24:55

Austin Fowler (Y) 25:01

Josh Berger (CK) 25:03

Pablo Garcia (W) 23:46

Johnny Espilandora (W) 26:19

Alex Kolozsey (Y) 27:31

Devante Thompson (W) 30:04

Caleb Moreno-Griffin (W) 32:01

Cole McCormick (W) 32:11

Tommy Goedeck (W) 34:04

Doug Castell (Y) 37:22

Zach Carmon (Y) 44:49

Final team scores: Yankeetown 23, Williston 35.


Rachael Blinkerhoff (Y) 25:41

Megan Stuber (CK) 26:49

Alexa Acosta (W) 27:48

Chloe Reynolds (CK) 30:17

Taylor Croft (W) 33:07

No team scores