Cedar Key’s November Garden of the Month

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By Barbara and Bob Hudson

Special to the Beacon

The Cedar Key Garden Club is proud to designate the AdaBlue Café and Sunset Isle Motel and RV Park as the November Garden of the Month.

Owners Roberta and Bruce Wilson give complete credit to Sharon Kay and Dennis Malone. When Sharon and Dennis were giving us a tour of the gardens, it was obvious that it was indeed a labor of love.

Sharon and Dennis look for new plants anywhere they can get them and have “scrounged” many of their plants from scrap piles and other sources. They maintain their gardens in an eco-friendly manner, using rain barrels, leftover coffee grounds from AdaBlue Café, and even worm casings from their worm farm. They indicated that return guests expect to see different things when they come back, so they are always moving and changing plants.

They promote a natural look, using coral rock, driftwood and even old boats to showcase their landscape. There are far too many plants to mention all of them in this article, but their unique and eclectic landscaping and gardens include plumbago, coastal oaks, many different types of palms including a huge pindo palm, banana trees, many types of butterfly plants, hibiscus, curly leaf croton, Dutchman’s pipe vine, razzleberries, firepower mandina, citrus trees, yellow dewdrop, cedar trees, knockout roses, lobster claw plants and even a chicken coop to produce fresh eggs for guests and organic fertilizer for the gardens.

A tour of their beautiful grounds displays Sharon and Dennis’s love of gardening and creativity.