Cattle killed by train at the Waccasassa River

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By Toni C. Collins
Levy County Historian
A hearing was held before the County Court of Levy County on May 7, 1877, on the case filed by Willis R. Medlin against the Atlantic, Gulf and West India Transit Company Railroad.
At issue was the recovery of the cost of one cow and one four-year-old steer killed at the Waccasassa River trestle by the locomotive of a train traveling to Bronson from the Cedar Keys.
Medlin, who was represented by Attorney Alfred B. Coulter, claimed $26.00 for the animals and $3.10 for costs of trial for a total of $29.10. After the Defendant was called three times and failed to appear, County Court Judge W.H. Sebring ruled that a judgment be entered against Defendant, Atlantic, Gulf and West India Transit Company Railroad.
The following day, E.J. Lutterloh, attorney for the railroad, appeared before the court and asked that the judgment be reopened. Judge Sebring, with the consent of Plaintiff Medlin, reopened the matter and set a hearing for June 4, 1877.
At the hearing on June 4, Medlin produced a memorandum from the books of the railroad company which had been provided to Railroad Station Master J.E. Jones after the killing of the cattle. The defendant took exception to the memorandum and asked that it not be received as evidence, but Judge Sebring ordered that the judgment of $29.10 stand.
Attorney Lutterloh filed an appeal which was promptly denied.