Capt. Danny's Fishing report - Sept. 3

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By Danny Allen

Hey there everyone. Man, what a week I had the other side of fishing.

Fishing reports are great. And fishing shows are really neat, very informative and entertaining –a lot like fishin’ reports should be.

But there is a lot of drama behind it all. This week I was able to hit the water four days – three Cedar Key trips an’ one day in Steinhatchee. All days were great fishing (of course) but I had both my color GPS units go back to lowrance, my trolling motor breaks, an’ my 225 mercury blows a head gasket.

That's enough drama for the week (I guarantee it).

So all that is the reason I'm not goin’ to talk about the grouper regs and all the talk about next year. I just didn't have time to get it together. But next week, the Lord willing, and if the creeks don't rise, I will.

So as far as the fishin’ in those four days, I took a fellow from a long ways away that also is one of us. Robert Palmer, what a great guy. He wanted to do something new. We went north quite a ways an’ got about 10 limits of reds using top water. We planned on using some fly-rod action but the three hours of rain we fished in, changed our mind. We had a ball being soaked and catching reds.

The other day I help Captain Jim Keith with a group of his from Georgia. We did very well. Between both our boats we had about 70 reds up to 30" and 15 keeper trout some sharks and some other junk to boot.

I fished with a buddy of mine, Glenn Harrel from Alachua Florida Saturday. We fished top water and soft plastic to boat a limit of trout while red fishing, and several very nice upper slot fish, the biggest 27" red being 7lbs an 12 oz. Yeah that's a good un. The reds seem to be moving in well, so best advice: if you caught a redfish in the past somewhere in Cedar Key go give it a try. The trout we caught seemed to be kinda scattered.

Just be very true to the edges on the lower tides and on the tops of grass banks on the high tides. The next thing on the topic list for this week is if ya went fishing and caught something you didn’t want to, mail me captdanny@gulfcoastflatsfishing.com. Email me, should be some details I will put right in the report. Don't be scared –aahha just kidding, we wanna know how the fishin’ is that's all. Well anyways till next week just set the hook and reel. Later gators.