Businesses promote Fourth

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Dear Cedar Key businesses,
When word got out that the Fourth of July festival had been cancelled this year, it started an onslaught of anger towards the town of Cedar Key and its businesses. Obviously, people in the surrounding communities do not care if the holiday is mid-week, like the city was worried about due to the comments being passed around on Facebook.
Who knew that something so simple as missing a major holiday could provoke comments like this:
1) Cedar Key is not, I repeat, is not doing anything for July 4th! No Clamerica, No parade, no fireworks! Nothing... I guess we will take our $ elsewhere.
2) That’s bull if you ask me...How many of those people in Washington are going to come to Cedar Key just because they saw a display at a festival? Probably none of them. July 4th, if it’s on a weekday or not, has always been a big deal in CK... One of the biggest events of the year. It makes no sense to me for them to cancel it! What are they thinking? I don’t know who made the decision but they are crazy...Just my opinion.
3) As a Levy County resident and this is in no way disrespect to you businesses, but all that was a bunch of bull. We the people of Levy County go to Cedar Key and spend our money to keep the doors open in Cedar Key, and this is how Cedar Key pays the Levy County people back, with bull? Well, I know I’m one person but I hope everyone else remembers this and takes their money somewhere else. Like others have pointed out, other counties and towns that are giving back to the people that spend money in their towns to keep their towns growing. So maybe Cedar Key needs to remember that.
4) I am sure that since i don’t live in Cedar Key the commission wouldn’t care what I have to say anyway.
5) What? I’m gonna cry...It’s been my favorite for years!
These were just some of the 50 plus comments on one post on Facebook.
We decided that something needed to be done about this even if the holiday was on a Wednesday. Between Sunset Isle RV Park, the Kingfisher Motel and the Low-Key Hideaway, we’re planning on putting a small display of fireworks out in the bay behind our businesses. There are no homes or buildings within a 50-foot range, so no need to worry about insurance or anything the city always fights over with the larger display they put on downtown.
I’m sure this won’t be as big and elaborate as the display the city normally puts on, but it will show our visitors from the surrounding communities who are used to seeing a festive show that we haven’t forgotten about them.
If you’d like to do anything to help in any way to make this successful or go off without a hitch, please contact the Low-Key Hideaway at 352-543-0700 and let us know what you can do to help.
This is all in the very beginning planning stages to make a difference to our Cedar Key visitors and I’m sure that we will be able to add some vending capabilities and maybe some events for the kids. Any ideas , any monetary or volunteer donations are very welcome. Please give us your positive feedback and I repeat, positive feedback to keep our loyal customers coming back.
Cindy Bonish
Low-Key Hideaway