Breaking News Levy jobless rate down slightly in April

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By The Staff

Unemployment in Levy County fell to 10.2 percent in April from 10.5 percent in March, according to a report released Friday by the state Agency for Workforce Innovation.

                  That means 1,770 people out of a total labor force of 17,338 were out of work.

                  The county still lags behind the state and national unemployment rates. Florida’s jobless rate was 9.6 percent in April, a 0.2 percent from March. The national unemployment figure for April was 8.9 percent.

                  One year ago Levy’s unemployment rate was 5.2 percent and only 885 people out of a labor force of 16,925 were out of work.

                  The county hit a high in joblessness in February with 10.7 percent or 1,878 people out of work in a labor force of 17,480.