Break-in at Cypress Station

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By Debra Lyon-Dye

According to Lt. Evan Sullivan with the Levy County Sheriff's Office, the Sheriff's Office received a call on Sept. 29 after midnight at 7690 State Rd. 24, at a business known as the Cypress Station.

Upon arrival, they found that the business had been forcibly entered by unknown suspects and an undisclosed amount of currency taken.

Tuesday afternoon, business went on as usual, except for customers speculating in the parking lot and the conspicuously fortified appearance of the windows and doors. A sign on the front door offered a $2,000 reward to anyone providing information leading to the capture of the perpetrators.

"This place is turning into Fort Knox, and it's a shame," said Eric Booth, the employee on duty.

Booth, who lives across the street, said he responded immediately to the 2:16 a.m. alarm, but saw no one when he arrived at the store. He said the parking lot camera, which is mounted on a pole, showed his arrival and that of the police responder that came minutes later. No other person or vehicle was seen in the parking lot for hours prior to the alarm, Booth said.

"I think they came in through the woods behind the store," he said, adding that the burglar or burglars had come in through the back door and taken the safe.

The case is pending and has been assigned to the Sheriff Office's Investigation Division.

Jenna McKenna contributed to this story.