Big Dock to open for anglers July 4

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By Ashley McDougal

"It'll be here when Cedar Key's gone," said Louis Diotte of Lucas Marine Construction, overseer of the project. "You're talking about solid concrete. This is what the intentions were when they designed it."

"It's on schedule. We're going to open it for fishing the 4th of July, unless something dramatic changes that," said Diotte. "They're having a problem getting the tile needed for the restrooms. That could hold it up if the city says people can't fish on the pier without having a restroom to use."

He also explained that the pier won't be completely finished by July 4. There will still be a few cosmetic details to be taken care of, but it will be open for fishing.

"It was just time," said the manager of Dockside Motel that is just catty corner from the pier. He's seen the project progress first hand. "It's going to have handicap rails six inches shorter and regular rails. It's going to be nice, this is the real deal. They came and surveyed on Thanksgiving and after the first of the year, they had it down. It's coming along well."