Better fishing with electronics

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By Danny Allen


One word BRRRRRR!

One phrase “ what tha heck”?

Folks, where did that cold - no slash that - freeze front come from? That was way colder than any Southern fishermen cares to see, it is just unwanted.

This week I’m gonna talk some about boat electronics. What they do?  How they help?   And things to look for while buying them.

Okay, in our inshore world, a GPS and a depth finder are not a must but they sure make life a lot easier for most. In the inshore sections, probably the biggest help it brings is with trout fishing. We have so much grass on our many flats around our lots of islands. You get the picture right - there are lots of places a trout can chill in Cedar Key - bottom line. Now, a GPS/DF can help find drops and certain types of bottoms and holes that hold trout at different times of the year. And the GPS will mark those spots pretty close to exactly where you want to return later to fish them. It takes lots of guesswork during the day as to where to drop your bait in the water more often and which are the high percentage places. It is tough to catch a fish while lost or guessing.

I grew up without any electronics and was always like, “Well, if I line up the back of this island with that channel marker...” Well, like I said, you can do it that way and sometimes it works on clear water days. But the sure fire way is electronics.

When I’m shopping for one, I make sure they are pretty basic. The last thing you want is something smarter than you. A color screen unit is nice but not a must. The color helps see the screen on sunny days. Also, it will show hard bottom and soft bottom by using darker reds and light yellows. This can help a lot depending on the time of year you’re fishing.

Some DF also have tide charts integraded that tells you exactly where it is at and when it stops. Water temperature is another good feature to have if you are fishing something new or havent been out in a while. Checking to see how cold or hot the water is will help you determine what steps to take.

Well folks, I hope these tips help. I can’t see them hurting. Have a safe week and enjoy the weekend weather - which should be much better.


Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.