Best Fouth of July ever!!!

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I wanted to write and tell everyone how very proud I am of Cedar Key!
I grew up in Cedar Key, so I know the people to be kind and caring. But living in a big city, you almost forget how good people can be and how living in a small city has its advantages.
    I am the proud parent of a Navy Seabee, Ryne S Goode, who was currently deployed during the 4th of July. Imagine my surprise when I found out that, upon entering Cedar Key, there were American flags with our current military men and women displayed on each flag!
    It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I think the most wonderful thing Cedar Key has ever done for the Fourth of July! What better way than to honor our military!
    A very special thanks to Jessie Robinson and her father and anyone  
who was responsible for honoring our most deserving military!
    My son is due to leave for Afghanistan in June of next year, so this meant the world to me!

Beverly Edna Brown Goode
Altamonte Springs