Beginners luck?

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By Ada Lang

Jan and Maurice Hendrix, of Cedar Key, took this photo of their grandson, Mathew Reilly, age 12, with his first-caught red fish - that he caught off their dock - all 20 ? inches of it.


Mathew and his mom, Christi Reilly, of Irvine, Ca., were visiting her parents recently.  Mathew spent a lot of time fishing off the dock in hopes of catching bigger fish in the few days they were here. 

However, his beginner’s luck only landed him two more undersized trout and a catfish that Grandma Jan uses for bait, in her crab traps. She reports that the crabs have been plentiful this year, even if the redfish have not been. 

She cleaned and cooked up that redfish for Mathew to try before he headed home the next day.  Now that is truly beginners luck – not having to clean your own catch.