Become a purchase award patron

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Maybe you’ve thought about doing it, maybe you’ve done it, maybe you just don’t know how it works or maybe you just haven’t given it a try.

Each year the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts Committee works hard to ensure a well-founded Purchase Award Program because it is an important way to attract top artists and craftsmen to our show. We hope that this year you will give it a try like Alan Pither did last year. Here’s how it works. anyone who wants to help the festival by committing ahead of time to “go shopping” at the Spring Arts Festival can be a Patron. You can buy a Purchase Award for yourself or for someone else as a gift (essentially a “Gift Certificate” to buy art at the festival).

Purchase Awards are sold in denominations of $250 (each with a buying power of $225). Purchase Award Coupons are distributed to patrons the week before festival and patrons have all weekend to choose a piece of artwork and make purchases directly from the artist using the coupons. Coupons can be combined with other forms of payment or patrons can receive “change” from the artist. If a patron cannot find anything they like, the festival will refund the coupon price (minus the 10% tax-deductible contribution to the OFCA).

Other perks to becoming a Patron include access to the “Patrons Lounge” hosted by Norm & Janice Fugate, an invitation to the Artists’ Reception and Awards Ceremony at the Cedar Key Arts Center Sculpture Garden Saturday evening, 5-6:30 p.m. and a big ribbon to give to the artist when a purchase is made. Artists are proud to display these ribbons in their tents. In addition, Patrons are recognized in festival week publications.

For additional information call 352-543-5400 or contact us at cedarkeyartsfestival@gmail.com