Beacon unfair to soldier

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Your headline on that issue of the Beacon, Dec. 8, was so unfair to the fallen soldier, the military,  as well as his family. Your paper had in equal importance the Chamber of Commerce awards for the community as well as the death of an American hero.
Your layout person needs to re-evaluate the importance of a military death as opposed to some popular award that only because of our military keeping our country free are we able to even recognize those kinds of events.
The soldier’s death should have gone across the whole paper, with that follow up story, horizontal below it. Don’t tell me you think these two events are of equal importance. Don’t even say you gave the death bigger type.
I know you don’t have much military knowledge because you ran a Memorial Day ceremony picture with a salute from a military person half up his body. He could have been waving ducks across the street for all we know.
In the future could we have a little more respect for our military men and women?
Thomas McKee, retired captain
U.S. Air Force