Bad weather means Captain gets family time

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By Danny Allen

 Hey folks, man it was a great week around the key great weather,  sunny skies, fish just jumping in the boat. They didn't seem to mind not one bit that it was very hot in the sky and kinda dang hot in the water.

  Okay, so what, a man can dream can't he? It rained all week and weekend. And when it wasn't raining it was threatening to. But around my house it was a good week and the weekend even better. I spent the entire weekend being a dad and husband. Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining -I love charter fishing with folks.

But when ya go at it every weekend with folks that are with their families, well ya kinda need a weekend like I just had. We never stayed home and let the weather house us. But we were very cautious of when,  where, and what we should be doing around those nasty squalls. 

This time of year can be very unpredictable. It's the time of year that it may be best to leave that dare devil/explorative side of you at home. Especially if its a family outting with the lil' guys. 

Fishing hasn't been that, they were jumping in the boat routine either. But we are still staying stable here in Cedar Key. We have enough deep water around our flats that give our fish a chance to slip away from those really hot surface temps. So key right now that I have noticed is on the trout fishing work deep work slow and work work work, Haha. What I mean by that is don't dedicate the day to one area move around try stuff you never tried before.

My dad once said a long time ago while we were grouper fishing commercially offshore. He said, "the best spot you have is the good one you just found". Now that's the short and sweet version of don't always go out and beat the same ol' fishing hole. Take a minute while your there and search around it, chances are there more there than you ever knew. 

Also this weekend we have our July event with the BBRC this is the clubs fifth event of the year. Hopefully I will have more to brag about than last month. Me and my team need a good tournament to stay alive with the team of the year standings. 

Well till next week stay safe and stay salty!!!!!