And the winners are...

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By The Staff


A Cedar Key Christmas 2009 Decorations Judging

This is a report from the judges of the decorations for "A Cedar Key Christmas."

While the judges shall remain anonymous, they were honored to be selected.

During the week of December 13-18, the judges toured the community numerous times during the daylight and nighttime hours to view the decorations. There were many, many worthy decorations and selecting the winners was not easy. After extensive review and discussion, the judges selected the following:

Residential Decorations –

The judges select the following homes as winners in the Residential category: 1st Place - Ray and Carla Ermel, 16710 SW 121st Lane. The judges rated Ray & Carla's decorations very high in Creativity, Tradition, Christmas Theme, and Over the Top. They had a great deal of depth and dimension There were multiple festive settings that included many deer, a flamingo and even an alligator drinking from a lighted pond, traditional Christmas trees and lights, decorated palm, cedar, and oak trees, and, Santa and elves in a helicopter. Their fun and festive decorations symbolized a real Florida and Cedar Key Christmas.

2nd Place - Don & Carol Joyce, 11330 Route 24. The judges rated this home very high in the categories of Creativity, Tradition and Christmas Theme. In addition, the decorations did a great job of pulling in the theme of Cedar Key sea life and tied that in with the Christmas theme very well. The sea turtle and dolphins pulling Santa's sleigh was very clever! The decorations continued out onto their boat dock where the festive lights were a great "welcome to Cedar Key" as you come across the #4 Channel bridge.

3rd Place - Luz and Walter Krajalis, 750 4th Street. These decorations had a great deal of depth and dimension, and scored high in Creativity and Traditional. As you view the festive lights and decorations in their yard, it has a feeling of welcome and Christmas cheer

Commercial Decorations -

1st Place - Beauty By The Yard, 6th and E Street. These decorations were highly creative, using clam bags and spray painted palm fronds to create the theme. There were handmade Christmas trees, many handmade ornaments, and even an Angel with palm frond wings. The decorations extended around two sides of the house, and included an outdoor living room that was festive and inviting. These decorations are beautiful and fun to see both during

daylight hours and at night. Obviously a great deal of work and thought went into them.

2nd Place- Rainbow Campground on Route 24 near Cypress Station. This a delightful surprise that comes upon you like an oasis of light in a sea of darkness. The decorations had a great deal of variety, including a snowman in a mullet skiff, and many traditional decorations

3rd- Places The next 2 are a tie-

A. Faraway Inn, 849 3rd Street - It rated very high in creativity and

traditional Christmas decorations. It looked like a really "fun" place to


Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast, 810 3rd Street - Creativity and Tradition were the themes in these decorations. It was delightful "understated" elegance.

The judges also felt that a number of other places were worthy of Honorable Mention:

Fire Department - beautiful traditional Christmas decorations, lots of depth and dimension.

Best Decorated Car -Ford Edsel parked on Hodges Avenue belonging to Ken and Vanessa Edmunds

Best Palm Tree - Natures Landing Sales and Rentals, 7050 C Street.

Best Neighborhood - Kiss Me Quick

Best Street Corner - Corner of Hodges Avenue and Rye Key

Best Over The Top - The Robinson family residence at 12250 Whitman

The City Park also should be mentioned. The beautiful, festive, decorations and Christmas Tree add to a true sense of community for Cedar Key.

Finally, the judges think the entire community of Cedar Key should give itself a pat on the back for the many, many, outstanding decorations throughout the community. Once again, Cedar Key showed its sense of community pride and demonstrated what a blessing it is to be a part of this wonderful place.