Abort-Retry-Fail: Heeeee's Baaaaaacccckkk!

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By Bill Gregory

It has been over eighteen months since I last wrote for the Beacon, but it is time to get "back in the saddle" again.

As many of you know, I have not been away all of that eighteen months. My trips have been pretty sporadic, once to Denver, Colorado and once to Seattle, Washington. Not to mention all of the trips to Texas, New Orleans and North and South Carolina. (There was also the two trips to Deal's Gap in East Tennessee!)

Although I am not finished with my travels, I plan to continue my writings as long as I can and as long as there is someone out there that reads them.

The subjects will be pretty much the same as before. Much has changed in the technology world in the past eighteen months, so I will attempt to bring you up to date about improvements in technology as well as introduce you to new technologies. Reader input is always a good source of subject matter for my articles. If you have any questions about any technology-related issue, please email me at PCTech@islandcity.net and I will do the best I can to research and answer your questions.

Next week I will begin with methods we can "stay connected" while traveling. Hope to see you then!

If you have a computer-related problem or question that you would like answered in this column, please send it to the Cedar Key Beacon by email at editor@cedarkeybeacon.com, or by email to PCTech@islandcity.net.